Ó Escaping His Grace (Gentlemen of Temptation, #2) ☆ Download by Ó Kristin Vayden

Ó Escaping His Grace (Gentlemen of Temptation, #2) ☆ Download by Ó Kristin Vayden Escaping His Grace by Kristin VaydenGentlemen of Temptation 2In book two of the series we find Lilah s younger sister on her way to Scotland to be governess to Iris, Heathcliff Marston s ward She is a lady masquerading as a governess and wants to be free from her father so has taken the chance her sister s husband offered to help out his friend and finds herself teaching dancing lessons and comportment and such to a young woman soon to make her debut into society Heathcliff and the governess Miranda Samantha do a bit of a dance as he thinks a dalliance might be fine with the hired help BUT when he finds she is a lady his mind begins to think otherwisethough hiss body does not He has had one dipping of the toe into marriage and has no desire for another Thi This was an entertaining read The main characters were very likeable I liked the banter between Heathcliff and his friend, Lucas Miranda Samantha s handling of Iris, Heathcliffe s ward, was kind and understanding The immediate attraction between Heathcliffe and Miranda was something they both tried unsuccessfully to ignore This is affected by certain events but can their attraction lead to something meaningful This was a good paced storyline and although I hadn t read the first in the series, it wasn t an hindrance to my enjoyment of the story I will be interested to see how Iris s story unfolds in the next book I received a copy and have voluntarily reviewed it All thoughts and opinions are my own.
From An Elite London Gentleman S Club To A Genteel Scottish Estate, Scandal Becomes A Family Affair In This Dazzling Tale Of Deception And Unexpected Love Miss Miranda Is Not Really A Miss, Exactly Nor Is Her Name Miranda, Exactly But To Escape Her Tyrannical Duke Of A Father, Changes Were Required Now In The Scottish Countryside, Employed By Her New Brother In Law S Unsuspecting Friend, Heathcliff Marston, Viscount Kilpatrick, Miranda Feels Safe Except For The Danger Of Falling In Love And The Viscount S Broad Shoulders And Seductive Brogue Are No Help At All Certainly, A Peer Of The Realm Would Never Entertain A Dalliance With The Help And Definitely Not Kiss The Help Except This Viscount Isn T A Typical Peer Of The RealmBetween Managing Temptationsand His Newly Acquired Ward, The Last Thing Heathcliff Needs Is Investigators Inexplicably Hounding Him About The Whereabouts Of Some Duke S Runaway Daughter At Least He S Secured A Governess No Doubt A Sour Woman Or So He Expects, Until He Meets Intriguing Miranda Now Heathcliff Is The One Faced With Temptation But There S To Lovely Miranda Than Meets The Eye A Truth That Could Change The Course Of All Their Futures Rcvd an ARC at no cost to author netgalley This is the second book in this series and just as enjoyable as the first one I guess you can read it as a standalone since the author does a fairly good job of explaining who is who, but you will get so much from the story if you read the first book to know how everything came to be and you will not regret it since I loved that story too In this book we have Samantha who is going by Miranda and is working as a governess for Heathcliffe and working with his new ward Iris I liked Iris she was spunky and as Samantha kept thinking reminder her so much of Lila first book When Heathcliffe finds out who she really is he is upset since he is really attracted to her and already kissed her and was planning to do so much , but now knowing who she is c A story of a hidden identity to escape a tyrant of a father, that weaves a tangled tale Samantha has escaped her father and ends up hiding under the name of Miranda, becoming a governess Her new brother in law has found her a position in the home of his best friend, Heathcliff yes I do love that name Iris is the ward of Heathcliff and she is suppose to get her ready for her come out Heathcliff has endured one tragedy after another, the last being his cheating wife and stillborn child He tries to stay out of the spotlight and runs an exclusive gaming hell But when he arrives home thinking the new governess will be an old curmudgeon, imagine his surprise when he finds Sam Miranda A beautiful lady who he cannot help but be attracted to But the adventure begins when he finds out who she is and that she is being hunted down by investigators hired by her father Another lying woma Miss Miranda is not really a Miss, exactly Nor is her name Miranda But to escape The Duke of Chatterworth her tyrannical father, changes were required Now in the Scottish countryside, employed by her new brother in law s unsuspecting friend, Heathcliff Marston, Viscount Kilpatrick, Miranda feels safe Between managing Temptations and his newly acquired ward Iris, the last thing Heathcliff needs is investigators inexplicably hounding him about the whereabouts of some duke s runaway daughter At least he s secured a governess, no doubt a sour woman or so he expects, until he meets the intriguing Miranda Now Heathcliff is the one faced with temptation His is the second book in the series follows on immediately from the first when Samantha leaves for Scotland, it could be read on its own but to fully appreciate the bullying Duke of Chatterwo Escaping his Grace by Kristin Vayden is the second book in the Gentleman of Temptation series This book can be read as a stand alone I have not read the first one but after reading this one I will definitely be going back and reading the first The writing is fantastic and I don t want to miss a single thing in this series Though it is not necessary to read the first I recommend doing so, because I felt like I was missing some important history in regards to the Duke It didn t take away from the story, just left me curious is all I was pretty drawn into the story for almost all of it, there isn t really a dull moment It s interesting and I loved the characters and the relationships The hero and heroine were fantastic, I really enjoyed them and connected with them emotionally I laughed and I cried All in all, a fun, witty, and enjoyable read.

Another really good story I would say that I loved the first book in the series better This book 2 probably could have been a nice novella actually My only problem that prevented it from being a 5 star rating is I think the author is maybe trying to keep her writing clean, so she stops at just strongly felt kisses, and that s it Which is sad for me, because she writes so well to create an emotional build up but then when all you get after that build up a few smooches, it feels kind of like a let down But that s just my opinion, people that like cleaner books would love this series Because Kristin is a really great storyteller Sequel to Falling From His Grace, Escaping His Grace follows the Duke of Chatterworth s second daughter, Samantha, in her desperate bid to avoid being married off at her father s convenience Hiding in Scotland as a governess to the Viscount Kilpatrick s ward is about as safe as she can get, especially since the viscount is her new brother in law s best friend The only problem is, Heathcliff has no idea Miss Miranda is the missing duke s daughter who has half the country searching for her She s beautiful and intriguing, though, and he s tempted Very tempted Until his best friend arrives and tells him the truth.
This is a fun, charming Regency I felt very sorry for Heathcliff from the beginning, when we were given the story of his tragic first marriage and perfidio Lady Samantha is on the run from her father so it s time to pretend to be Miss Miranda and get hired on as a Governess in the house of her new brother in laws best friend Viscount Kilpatrick Heathcliff lives his life on the edge after suffering a betrayal by his late wife, even though he wants Miss Miranda he can t let himself have her especially after he finds out she s really Lady Samantha I enjoyed this story for the most part though it seemed rushed then the first book and there was so much left unsaid before the two main characters came to an understanding, he doesn t tell her about his first wife and the betrayal, which would have explained to her a lot of his actions, she doesn t even know about the club he helps run Though I hope someone tells her soon LOL Plus well I understand people calling her Miranda out loud I find it so weird

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