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☆ Read ☆ Estrid (Sagan om Valhalla, #5) by Johanne Hildebrandt ✓ This book was a no for me on several levels I ll give you three 1 From a writing point of view This was supposed to be Vikings, Danes era but the author kept throwing in words, both in their thoughts and speech from the 2000 s It was very distracting 2 Sex, according to this author you would expect the Vikings to be the most powerful force on earth, with the greatest population of any by now Sick, Bleeding, Every guy with whomever, whenever and the same with the girls Young teens up to old, it didn t mattertake if you want then both just walk away.
3 This was the clincher for me They kept mentioning the White God vs their demon Gods So I kept reading thinking Maybe she is just showing us how low they had t Svealand, Sweden Queen Sigrid Tostedotter watched as Asta sacrificial priestess slit Freya mistress throat Vanad s goddess , Gynnya maid , Lia Edmund Jarl s wife, kinswoman , Borghild court attendant , Eir kinswoman were all christened with the blood King Olaf Sigrid s twin son must see to the matters of Svealand Geatland.
Estrid Olaf s sister had her own duties as well.
King Erik Eriksson the Victorious, Sigrid s ex husband, ruler of Svealand, Geatland, Denmark did not think those were his 2 children.
He in turn had exiled King Sweyn Forkbeard Denmark whom he thought was the father.
Ingvald his men were on their way with a cross worshipper.
He was executed in public Sweyn Haraldsson Alpha wolf leader , was not I Estrid, Den Senaste Delen I Den Lskade Sagan Om Valhalla Serien, Forts Tter K Rlekshistorien Mellan Vikingatidens Mest Mytomspunna Drottning Och Kung Sigrid Storr Da Och Svend Tvesk Gg F Lj Med Till Talets Vikingatid D Norden F Ds Ur Legendariska Kungars Strider, Och Valhallas Gudar Nnu St R Starka Mot De Kristna Tv Barn Kan R Dda V Rlden Fr N Att St Rta Ner I Krig Och Kaos Men Striden Om Deras Liv Och Sj Lar R H Rd, Och Bara Med Makternas Hj Lp Kan De VerlevaSigrid H Rskar Ensam Och M Ktig Ver Sina Marker I G Tland Som Mor Till Svitjods Blivande Kung R Hon S Ker P Sin Och De Gamla Gudarnas Makt Men En Fiende Fr N F Rr Har V Vt Ett N T Av L Gner Dottern Estrid Tas Till F Nga Och Sigrid Tvingas Inse Att Hon Inte Ens Kan Lita P Sina N Rmaste F R Att R Dda Sitt Och Barnens Liv Endast Gudinnan Freja, Och Den Man Hon En G Ng Lskade Och F Rdrev, Kan R Dda Henne Fr N Det De Som V NtarN R Estrid Sk Ndas Av Moderns Svurna Fiender F Rs Ker Hon Ta Sitt Eget Liv I Sista Stund F R Hon Hj Lp Av Sin Fylgia Att Fly V Gledd Av Den Nyckfullaste Av Diser M Ste Hon Ta Sig Genom Fiendeland Till S Kerheten P Mors Marker P V Gen Dit M Ter Hon En Man Som Kan Sk Nka Henne Det Som Mor B De Fruktar Mest Och L Ngtar Efter, Sanningen Om Vem Som Egentligen R Hennes FarEn F Rm Genhet I Silver F Rm R Danmarks Kung Svend Tvesk Gg Att Till Slut L Mna Det England Han Alltid Velat Er Vra N R Han Terv Nder Hem Anfaller Erik Segers Ll Och Han Tvingas Strida F R Sin Kungakrona Den Enda Som Kan Hj Lpa Svend R Kvinnan Han Hatar Mest Av Allt Sigrid Storr Da This is the sequel to The Unbroken Line of the Moon which was a really good book Estrid was a complete let down after such a strong start to the series This was like reading a porn novel There was plenty of action with both sex and battles but the story moved at a snails pace I really would not recommend this book to anyone.
I liked reading reading this story I enjoyed the time frame of it, the mythology of Nordic, the plot twists, battles, questions of faith, wills, endurance and strong female characters Even though Estrid has death at her door with everything she is going through There is a lot of death, danger, violence, murder, and betrayal However, nothing really significant happens until the final chapters of the book Not to mention the the modern translation needs some work Other than that it is a great book to read A must read for myth lovers everywhere.
I quite enjoyedThe Unbroken Line of the MoonEstrid, in my view, doesn t fare as well Because it is clearly setting itself up to have a sequel, some of the shortcomings are excusable There are certainly many unresolved story lines, but I hope that they ll be resolved later Where this book fails is that it never can really decide if it s about Estrid or about her mother, Sigrid Estrid herself comes across as a flat character When an influential event changes her later in the book, she feels like a completely different character She lacks the substance to feel like the same person after the change.
There are some great scenes but they are mostly the scenes involving Sigrid Sigrid continues to be a compelling character She is strong and independent, but also flawed stubborn and quick to anger I think that the same plo Slow to start, the pace picks up about 1 3rd of the way in I felt a little lost because there s a 15 year time gap from the first book, The Unbroken Line of the Moon, but it s quickly recovered.
The story is a fantastical depiction of the early Nordic cultural and power struggles that were amplified by religious conflict between the old and new Blending mythological and historical truths makes for an interesting read.
enjoyable read i did not appreciate this second book in the series as much as i appreciated the 1st The folklore and dane history with the involvement of the Gods is interesting

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I ve read Johanne Hildebrandt s other book in English, The Unbroken Line of the Moon , and thought that it was a good read, but this book, Estrid , was by far the better read It was a love story that also had murder, witches, old time gods like Thor, and warriors You ll have to read it yourself to see what happens It was with worth the read, it was really interesting.

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