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[ Pdf Every Crooked Pot ß american-history PDF ] by Renee Rosen ☆ Every Crooked Pot Ren e RosenRating 4 out of 5In the book Every Crooked Pot tells a story about a girl with a skin eye disorder Nina the main character was born with a birthmark covering her eye The book goes through parts of her life and the struggle she has faced because of her eye In the book it shows all aspects of Nina s life, whether it s doctor visits, family time, fun and bad times with friends, etc Nina is often times looked down upon because of the discoloration of her eye, and it really gets to her Nina has to stay strong and try not to always let certain things hurt her This book is very inspiring, and I definitely recommend other read it I personally think this book is a great read Some reasons I found it so great are, it has a lot of life lessons to offer The book teaches you a lot on how to be you and not be afraid to show who you are This is an awesome book about a family that becomes close Nina, the daughter, has a hard time to find acceptance among her family She has a birthmark located on her body that makes her very shy Nina felt very unattractive to everyone because of birthmark that is located on her eye During her family vacation, Nina somewhat, finds a cure to make it not so noticeable For a reader who is self conscious, this book would be a good one to read It has a great storyline dealing with something you cannot fix Nina tries makeup, and other ways to try and get the attention off her eye Her father, who is color blind, tries to make it big in the music world, since he hates his job as a carpet salesman.
Great book I would recommend to any high school girl between the ages of 15 18 years old that likes family books or struggles through school In Her Heart, Nina Goldman Knows That Beauty Is Only Skin Deep But As A Teenager Growing Up In Akron, Ohio With Her Larger Than Life Father Artie, A Colorblind Carpet Salesman And Frustrated Musician The Only Thing Nina Wishes For Is To Be Beautiful Or At Least Normal As If Having Such An Eccentric Dad Wasn T Enough, Nina Has Another Issue To Face The Mirror Born With A Strawberry Birthmark Over Her Eye, Nina Spends Countless Hours Applying Makeup And Trying Out Ridiculous Hairstyles Designed To Hide Her Eye Convinced That Her Birthmark Is The Only Reason She S Not Popular And Can T Find A Boyfriend, Nina Must Find Other Ways To Survive High School With A String Of Crazy Exploits That Have Her Riding In Dryers And Appearing On TV, Nina Proves She Ll Do Just About Anything To Fit In, And Even In The Hope Of Finding Love Nina has a port wine stain on her face It s a bad one the skin is bumpy, the white of her eye looks red all the time from the excess blood vessels, and the whole area is swollen so much that the kids at school called her Big Eye Little Eye when they were young It doesn t cause her any physical pain, but she spends a lot of time obsessing about her birthmark and thinking that it makes her unloveable.
Nina also has an incredibly manipulative and controlling father He s always the life of the party, always the center of attention, and Nina adores him yet can t seem to break free from his spell to become her own person It s largely because of her father s obsession with fixing the birthmark that Nina becomes fixated on the birthmark as the cause of all her problems.
The premise is good, and Nina s self obsession is easy enough to relate to, but I never felt fully suck Adult review of YA fiction This entire book can be summed up from a single sentence within paraphrased At first,I wasn t looking forward to reading the book,because I chopped it up to being a boring book I was wrong I loved every minute of it, and although I don t have a birthmark holding me back I still felt like I could relate to Nina s wanting to fit in The characters are memorable and I d recommend it to everyone.
The following review has been copied from Crooked Pot, written by Renee Rosen and published by St Martin s Press, is the first person, coming of age story of Nina Goldman, a girl born with a unique deformity a strawberry shaped and colored lump across one eyelid, running up to her eyebrow Raised in Akron, Ohio, Nina doesn t make many friends as a child because of her unique disfigurement To escape the cruelty of other children, she spends the majority of her time with her family, like the most beautiful girl Nina knows, her big sister, Lissy Or her older brother, Mitch, who can never stay in one place too long Nina s mother casts a comforting pall across the whole family, but it s Nina s father, Arthur, who becomes her biggest supporter and her biggest burden As a fai This is a cutie of a book It s a good read for adults and young adults The story tells us all about the dynamics in a family centered around Nina, who has an obvious deformity of one eye It really delves into being a teen and all that growing through the teen years involves Warm hearted and loving read Totally different from other Ren e Risen books I have read, but full of her wit and charm.

This book s packaging is a great injustice to the story inside From the cover and jacket description, it seemed like silly teen chick lit However, it is truly a wonderfully told coming of age story Many times I forgot it was fiction and thought I was reading an actual memoir I was so drawn into the story of Nina I am actually surprised by it s YA classification Baker and Taylor recommends it for 7 9 grades , as I believe its story would appeal muchto grown women.
Every Crooked Pot, is an amazing book made by Renee Rosen Renee Rosen explained the life of a teenage girl, Nina Goldman, and the birthmark that stops her friendships, or as she thinks Renee Rosen made me want to readof her books, by making her story feel real I recommend this book for 11 because of its matureness.

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