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[Sarah S. Forth] ☆ Eve's Bible: A Woman's Guide to the Old Testament [young-adult-paranormal PDF] Ebook Epub Download ✓ Whatever The Reason It S Too Complicated, Too Big, Too Old, Too Many Men And Too Few Women, And Anyway, I Don T Know Whether I Believe It Or Not Eve S Bible Helps Explain The Old Testament To Readers Regardless Of Their Religious Affiliation Eve S Bible Challenges Conventional Ideas About Women In The Bible, And Shows Readers How To Draw Upon The Deep Wellsprings Of Their Own Truth To Interpret The Bible In New And Liberating WaysWith Eve S Bible As Their Companion, Readers Will Be Able To Recognize And read The Old Testament S Literary Building Blocks Histories, Stories, Laws, Poetry, Prophecy, And Wisdom Answer The Question, Is The Bible Historical Learn How Women In The Biblical Era Lived Learn Why The Biblical Deity Is Such A Complex Character Derive Meaning From Scripture By Balancing Left Brained Inquiry With Heart Felt Intuition Become Their Own Authority On The BibleA Friendly Guide That Anticipates Readers Questions And Concerns, Eve S Bible Helps Readers Find Their Way Through The Bible With Intelligence And Verve An enlightening perspective with scriptural citations well grounded For anyone who s been interested in reading the Bible specifically, the Old Testament Torah but has felt lukewarm about approaching it, this might be your way in Whether you re dubious about patriarchal overtones, bored by begats or worried that opening the Book might turn you instantly into Jerry Falwell, this book will help you put Scripture into historic and cultural context and find relevance to even the most modern, liberal feminist s life.
I read an interview with Sara Forth in Bitch, and I m very intrigued by this bookcan t wait to read it The interplay between feminists and religion is fascinating it seems like a paradoxical relationship and yet it isn t The Bible is worth exploring if you re not familiar with it, and I think this will be a good starting place for people like myself who are generally turned off by Religion.
If you haven t read the Bitch article, check it out.
Sarah Forth puts forth a thoughtful approach to the Bible for the woman who may be asking what does the OT have to do with me The answer seems to be that the stories in the Bible mirror women s place at the various times the parts of the OT were written and that place is extremely low on the totem pole In the OT, women in most cases seem to be there to demonstrate some aspect of bad or even evil behavior or are there to produce the next generation Even when the feminine is used to personify Wisdom, it is an abstract idea and really has nothing to do with living, breathing women like calling your car or boat she The only acceptable discourse between God and women seems to be an entreaty to bear a son I can understand how Jesus followers would include women who for the first time might see his message of God s Kingdom as truly i

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