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Trailer ✓ Evil Guardian PDF by ✓ Scott Bonn I could hardly come up for air whilst reading this book It certainly had me on the edge of my chair It felt as if i was racing around with the FBI trying to catch the Guardian Charles Lundquist , who was killing young girls and dropping them in to the river, tied up with blue cord and a heavy iron cross around their necks I will certainly be wanting to read by this author Recommended.
My thanks to Netgalley and the Publishers for my copy This is my honest review.
This one was a disappointment I wanted to like it, but it was so wooden I had a tough time caring about anyone involved It was a very quick read The concept is interesting and the story itself is fine but it reads like a statement of facts rather than a novel I ve seen another review that compared it to a screenplay treatment, and that is sort of how it feels like the descriptions given are meant as notes for an actor who has to portray this character rather than a novelist s description that furthers the story It sets the stage but never gets under your skin as a result A fair amount of the dialogue felt a bit forced and overly dramatic again, like it was meant to be a guide to creating the characters setting the scene, rather than an actual story on its own Overall it was interesting, because of the underlying story, but it needs a rather strong edit and rewrite if it wants to be a re Charles Lindquist is a priest and he is also a serial killer When i read this i thought that this sounds really good So i sttled down for a really good read Unfortunately this book did not live up to the blurb.
When i started this book i was hooked but it did not long The story just seemed to stall and alas it never got started again The ending was predictable It was a good read it just did not grab me.
I would like to thank the Netgalley and booksGoSocial for the ARC of this book in return for giving an honest review.
The blurb about this book promises a compelling serial killer novel written by a respected criminologist I read a lot of crime fiction, listen to an unhealthy amount of true crime podcasts and am fascinated by the science of criminology and profiling So when this novel popped up on Netgalley it sounded right up my street Unfortunately, it was all a bit disappointing The story itself is fine but there are many similar plots out there in print and on screen If you were to deconstruct some of the books I ve enjoyed it would be easy to say oh, that has been done a million times but it s the quality of the writing which really matters and that s what is lacking with Evil Guardian The prose especially the large sections of exposition reads like plot notes for a scr A serial killer on a missionA serial killer is operating in New York City He calls himself the guardian, and he abducts teenage girls, strangles them with his strong hands, and rapes them postmortem Then he binds them with rope, ties a heavy iron cross around their necks, and drops them in the river.
Charles Lundquist is the prison chaplain at the New Bedford Correctional Facility for Women His alter ego, the guardian, believes he is being directed by God to rescue young women from the sinful world.
The police are trying to gather enough information to identify the killer and stop him before he kills again.
5 Charles Lundquist Is Chaplain At Bedford Hills Correctional Facility For Women In Westchester County, New York, Located Forty Five Miles Northwest Of Manhattan He Is Also A Serial Killer Who Preys On Teenage Girls Lundquist Is A Cold Blooded Psychopath Who Calls His Murderous Alter Ego The Guardian Because He Believes That He Is Serving God And Protecting Innocent Females From Evil By Killing Them Ironically, He Loves To Kill And His Lust For Blood Is Insatiable When New York Police Commissioner Bill Bratton Realizes That A Serial Killer Is On The Loose In Manhattan, He Assigns Homicide Captain James Pritchard To Lead The Manhunt Pritchard Is A Talented But Troubled Detective Who Is Dealing With The Deaths Of His Wife And Teenage Daughter Killed By A Drunken Driver The Hunt For The Guardian Quickly Becomes A Personal Obsession For Pritchard Joining Him In His Quest To Find The Guardian Is A Brilliant And Attractive FBI Special Agent Named Julia Cassidy Cassidy, Too, Becomes Obsessed With Stopping The Guardian, And She And Pritchard Quickly Form A Powerful, Intimate Bond By The Time That The Guardian Has Claimed His Fifth Victim, The City Of New York Is In A State Of Complete Panic Making Matters Worse, The Killer Is Taunting James Pritchard In Letters He Sends To The News Media Daring The Homicide Captain To Catch Him Pritchard And Cassidy Become Desperate In Their Investigation Due To The Absence Of Leads They Soon Recognize That They Are Facing An Adversary Unlike Any Other They Have Ever Encountered The Guardian Is Cunning, Meticulous, Arrogant, Compulsive, Unremorseful, And He Will Never Stop KillingDr Scott Bonn

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