Download Epub Format ß Fatal Consequences PDF by ß Marie Force

Download Epub Format ß Fatal Consequences PDF by ß Marie Force 3.
5 Love the Romance The Suspense.
Not So Much Stars I m really torn about this series because the suspense crime aspects of it just aren t working for me but the romance personal dramas are Marie Force keeps telling us that Sam is a great detective, in fact the best in town, but she hasn t shown us No uncanny ability to get into a suspects head, no outsmarting a cunning perp in the interrogation room, no gut feeling leading her left when everyone else is going right She s never truly challenged Here her suspects, powerful, high ranking officials who have been touted as feeling like their above the law the entire book simply rollover with minimal prompting.
before even asking for a lawyer My 5 year old niece could ve brought these guys down while sucking her t Great read love that the setting for these books is in Washington, DC where else can you find so much corruption Learned something new from this book anchor babies never heard of that before Marie Force weaves a great web of suspence, twists, turns, and has done a pile of research.
Really liking this series great character developments and lots of them and all with plenty of flaws.
Two thumbs up Politics Can Be Murder Lieutenant Sam Holland Has No Sooner Accepted Senator Nick Cappuano S Proposal Than She S Back On The Job A Woman Has Been Found Brutally Murdered And Evidence Points To Henry Lightfeather, A Senator And Close Friend Of Nick S While Sam Investigates, Nick Stands By His Friend Complicating His Own Bid For Reelection, And Causing Tension Between The Couple As Sam S Investigation Reveals A Scandal That Rocks The Capital, Nick And Sam Discover That The Biggest Threat To Their Future Might Be Someone From Her PastIncludes The Bonus Novella Fatal Destiny See How It All Began For Sam And Nick In Fatal AffairForce Pushes The Boundaries To Create An Intricate Mystery RT Book Reviews, Stars, On Fatal Consequences Book Three Of The Fatal Series From New York Times Bestselling Author Marie Force Loved this one Definitely my favorite so far I m a huge fan of Romantic Suspense and I think Marie Force has captured everything I look for in a RS book with this Fatal series I think Sam is great She is strong yet vulnerable She is funny yet a bad ass In this one Sam is in the midst of a pretty big case while trying to keep her head afloat when it comes to her personal life She is great at compartmentalizing things so that she can focus on her job but this time she s not sure if she can manage But she has Nick Nick is that kind of guy all women love He is kind, sweet and sexy But don t let that fool you He has a temper and when it is triggered shit will hit the fan The one thing Nick treasures above all else is Sam He would do anything to protect her And these secondary characters are fabulous Freddie is probably my favo 3.
5 stars view spoiler IMO this was the best murder mystery in the series so far Nothing too ridiculous in it My only problem was that the murderer was too stupid with leaving all that DNA on the scene and letting a cop see his body and eyes And I don t get his motive for killing Regina and Maria He d been running this business for 12 years and with immigrant women There must have been other women who quit or got pregnant Did he kill everyone who quit Also it was a bit graphic for me I read things worst than this but I wasn t expecting anything like this from this book and it gave me a nightmare I was disappointed that Elin didn t show up, it tells the reader that Freddie s instincts are not reliable.
I loved the stuff about Gonzo, Christina and the baby They were my favorite side story in this book.
One thing that really bothered me was the miscarriage Let me tell y I had thought that the previous 2 books in this series had been outstanding but I was completely blown away with this one If you love RS and you haven t read this series yet then I cannot recommend it enough.
I am not usually a fan of RS where the books continue on with the same couple as the main focus, as I have found that the romance side tends to suffer but this is definitely not the case with this series Ms Force still pays just as much attention to the romance and we get to see the relationship between Nick Sam become stronger Normally we don t get to read about the time when the couple are adjusting getting used to each other With the Fatal series we see how they have to continue to work at and compromise to make their relationship work.
I cannot gush enough about Nick oh boy he is a man to die for.
Not only is he good looking with a nic I absolutely love this series Each book gets better and better I love Nick and Sam and all the other characters, that constantly put a smile on my face Oh Nick Cappuano, how I heart you

Man So much happened in this book it s quite shocking really Just like before, I wasn t truly able to guess who was behind the plots until the very end again Marie is so good at that In this book, immigrant cleaning ladies who work in the Senate office are turning up murdered It starts with one senator who had an affair, which later turned into love, for his cleaning lady She was found murdered in a gruesome way but she was also pregnant at the time of her death The senator knew about the baby but Sam is still determined to find the killer especially when another immigrant is found murdered days behind the first Meanwhile, Nick gets a blast from his sad past in the form of his mother having an accident and needing him Throughout all of this, it comes to light that Peter, Sam s ex husband, may get out of prison over a technicality that may be her and her officers fault and some big ass g I keep waiting for this series to lose momentum, become a little less interesting but it s just not going to happen I even switched to the audiobook format and found one reason to love the books Everything about it seems to work, striking that perfect pitch between the suspense and romance Quick summaryD.
C Detective Samantha Sam Holland and U.
S Senator Nick Cappuano VA are fresh from their romantic engagement when he gets a desperate call from Arizona Senator Henry Lightfeather, a good friend A young woman has been brutally murdered and Lightfeather s in the thick of it Sam s stuck with yet another case that tests the boundaries of their professional careers The mysteryThis case has political intrigue mixed with plain old thuggery that takes some interesting paths It was suspenseful and masterfully woven into the personal lives of not only Sam Fatal Consequences is the third book in the Fatal series and my absolute favorite of them all, so far Being a huge fan of Romantic Suspense I ve read a lot of it, so it takes quite a bit to impress me Well, let me tell you, Marie Force has definitely done that So far each book in this series has been excellent, and has kept me on the edge of my seat wondering what was going to happen next Nick and Samantha, the main characters and whose lives we follow through each book, are the kinds of people I can become invested in and want to see and of I love being able to revisit the secondary players book after book because they re just as awesome as our hero and heroine are.
I can t say this enough If you re looking for an exciting story filled with characters you can connect with and cheer for, then you really should give Marie Force s Fatal series a try.
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