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Download Epub Format ☆ Ficciones PDF by ☆ Jorge Luis Borges By Common Consent, The Argentinian Jorge Luis Borges Is One Of The Greatest Writers To Have Emerged From Latin America His Finest Work Is Ficciones, A Collection Of Brilliantly Crafted, Essay Like Short Stories This Edition, Updated From The originalEdition By The Same Authors, Offers A Comprehensive Selection Of Stories From The Work With A Full Introduction, Detailed Notes, A Generous Vocabulary, Bibliography, As Well As Chronological And Other Tables Borges looked inside the swirling mind of man and made a maze of it A glorious maze The maze that is Ficciones is a maze built of mazes, one opening unto another, circling around and looping back, an infinity of mazes, small as the smallest of small minds, large as the universe can be imagined Its architecture is delicate and refined the wry wit of its creator is apparent in every twist and turn Borges maze gently mocks yet empathizes with the self important, the self absorbed, and the self denying He understands the foibles of man and his maze offers diverse commentaries on such things But there are darker things lurking beneath that amiable surface Ficciones isthan an academician s cleverly constructed playground Beware the prickly thorns of this maze There is anger there, The author is a master of mixing fantasy and philosophy He has been credited as a pioneer in magical realism in Latin American literature In this classic collection, most stories are almost as much essays as they are short stories Recurring themes are non existent and ancient books Time Geometry Gnosticism Mirrors Encyclopedias Chess Labyrinths Imaginary worlds Memory and mnemonics Infinity in books, libraries and labyrinths All possible outcomes, like infinite universes in which every act and its result are mirrored by the opposite act and the opposite result Or maybe the opposite act and the same result lol Here are a few examples of the 17 stories The Library of Babel, perhaps his best known story combines almost all of the list in the previous paragraph The library is God or t .
Blind to all fault, destiny can be ruthless at one s slightest distractionReading Jorge Luis Borges is a bewildering experience and a challenge all in one There is no logically understanding the mazes Borges creates, but that is what fantastical realism is all about Ficciones is a labyrinth, beautiful and witty, of ideas and feelings that mock and conquers the reader.
Borges can speak for himself, who am I to explain his brilliance and imaginationWhen it was proclaimed that the Library contained all books, the first impression was one of extravagant happiness All men felt themselves to be the masters of an intact and secret treasure There was no personal or world problem whose eloquent solution did not exist in some hexagon The universe was justified, the universe suddenly usurped the unlimited dimensions of hope At that time a great deal was sai To me Fictions by Jorge Luis Borges is the ultimate anthology of short stories I find in it everything I ever want to find in literature reality and surreality, realness and surrealness, fables and parables, legends and myths, mysticism and philosophy, history and fantasy and an endless enigma.
I owe the discovery of Uqbar to the conjunction of a mirror and an encyclopedia The mirror troubled the far end of a hallway in a large country house on Calle Gaona, in Ramos Mejia the encyclopedia is misleadingly titled The Anglo American Cyclopaedia New York, 1917 , and is a literal though also laggardly reprint of the 1902 Encyclop dia Britannica The event took place about five years ago.
Yes, use a combination of mirrors, la edited on 27.
19I now held in my hands a vast and systematic fragment of the entire history of an unknown planet, with its architectures and its playing cards, the horror of its mythologies and the murmur of its tongues, its emperors and its seas, its minerals and its birds and fishes, its algebra and its fire, its theological and the metaphysical controversies all joined, articulated, coherent, and with no visible doctrinal purpose or hint of parody What could be said about a book which is in itself many books in a book or many authors in one, for are you capable enough to said anything What genre could encapsulate the breadth of this gem, which has been shining through the vagaries and austerity of time and space, of literature What so called forms which could have been defined by whatever produced, known and understood of literature for we ar 3.
5 5 There can be at times circumstances that affect your thoughts on what s being read Or even just the way that you read it This is one of those very occasion where I will undoubtedly benefit reading again It s clear to see why Jorge Luis Borges is regarded as one of the 20th century s most inventive writers, and Ficciones is a collection of small stories that are on a grand scale, but my overall problem was going through three or four at a time and finding them hard to digest, jumping from one to another just didn t work for me And only read the last few days apart giving me a chance to fully think about about them, this worked so much better, but still left me feeling a bit dumbfounded Also was not reading the best translated version, so that didn t help either Borges never compromised himself by writing a novel but instead left a whole library of delicately str Reading Borges is always a challenge When you read his stories, it seems you are reading everyone else s There is a lot of references in his work, and if you want to truly kind of understand it or begin to , you have to do a little research He ends up being an invaluable teacher Labyrinths, mirrors, libraries, dreams, fantasy, religion, philosophy, epistemology My love for philosophical literature began with this author My all time favorite story is Las Ruinas Circulares the power of thoughts Con alivio, con humillaci n, con terror, comprendi que l tambi n era una apariencia, que otro estaba so ndolo What a beautiful line to end a story I prefer quoting Borges in his own language, my language I do the same with Englis Metaphor Infinity Sophistry Penumbra Symbolic LABYRINTH Heresiarch Prefigured Philology Nihilism Maze AllegoricalThis may not be the prettiest word cloud ever constructed, but I think it s a fair representation of the Ficciones experience Much of the time spent trying to solve the stories puzzles involves bandying these concepts about I can t honestly say I understood them all, but moments when something did click were exciting because the ideas behind them were subtle and cryptic Comprehension somehow boosts us to a higher plane The ultimate in advancement, if it can be imagined, is the universal infinitude of all experience Thegrounded me says, Steve, aren t you kinda, like, talkin out your ass And thegrounded me answers, yes However, I contend that Borges himself, if asked, might

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