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[ Pdf Fierce Femmes and Notorious Liars: A Dangerous Trans Girl’s Confabulous Memoir ☆ accounting PDF ] by Kai Cheng Thom ☆ Ok writing this two months after reading, so bear with me as I try and recall my thoughts This was an exciting story to read, super imaginative and engaging Definitely a recommended read Fierce Femmes and Notorious Liars follows a young trans girl who comes into her power as part of a grrrl gang and along the way figures out how to fit into the world, find love, and build chosen family Kai Cheng Thom s novel takes readers to a whole new world as the protagonist comes into her own trans womenhood on the streets of a city akin to Montreal, Qc The way this writing was woven together felt incredibly poetic, from a crooked home in Gloom reminding me of Victoria, B.
C with crying mermaids on its shores, to knife wielding greyhouse bus rides, to an arrival in a far far away place that offers a fresh start and new possibilities I ve never understood the idea of a fictionalized memoir until I read this book Amongst the beached mermaids and fairy tale elements of this story is sharp, unapologetic truth I fell in love with the dreamlike, poetic prose that encompasses this narrative of transmisogyny, racism, police brutality, and self harm Kai Cheng Thom doesn t shrink from this, but she also reworks the idea of the trans memoir, allowing forspace, andmagic, in this often constrictive genre This is a beautiful read that grabbed me from the first page Danika Ellisfrom The Best books We read In June 2017 Overall Fierce Femmes is a funny, dark, innovative story about a trans girl and her journey in finding herself Incredible writing, unique story that definitely pushes the limits and bends typical genres A fun and engaging read but had been hoping for6.
5 10The Good The best part of this book for me was the writing From the very first page, the author grabs you and holds onto you until the very end As an example, this is from page one I don t believe in safe spaces They don t exist I do, however, believe in dangerous stories the kind that swirl up from inside you when you least expect it, like the voice of a mad angel whispering of the revolution you are about to unleash Stories that bend and twist the air as they crackle off your tongue, making you shimmer with glamour, so that e Wow The writing is incredible I can t really articulate right now, but wow.
Trigger warnings for transmisogyny, violence, self harm cutting I love this book Like Anna Joy Springer s The Vicious Red Relic, Love, it stretches the genre of memoir in super exciting ways specifically, and explicitly, the genre of the trans memoir.
And Like Amber Dawn s Sub Rosa, FFANL uses magic and fantasy in new and idiosyncratic ways Was really interested in how Kai Cheng mobilizes magic to various ends, while emphasizing its limitations, too there are multiple layers of realism, and she pulls back the magical overlay periodically magic might get rid of the dead cop but not the anxiety and paranoia the characters are left with.
AND This book deconstructs both girl gang and princess narratives while recentering them around transfemme experience Plus So much amazing imagery Throughout, the writing is gorgeous This will be one of my favorites in life, I think.
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This book grabbed me by the throat and didn t let go until the very last page I wrote about it here this is a very very real magical realist fairytale that i place in the lineages of francesca lia block and zoe whittall and amber dawn and also the oral performance storytelling lineage of kai cheng thom herself, which is distinctive and swiftly recognizable it has bitter and sharp and dark and it also has sweet and raucous and celebratory my most favourite thing about this book is that it is the most strongly femme4femme thing i have ever read my other most favourite thing about this book is that it holds violence with the reverence and delicacy it truly deserves and places it squarely within our safest and most loved people and places queers need this perspective.
reading this started to answer some of the questions i ve been trying to figure out for m .
One of the joys of Fierce Femmes and Notorious Liars is not knowing what might happen next, so I m not going to give anything away Instead I d like to briefly grapple with the complexity of character, and motivation, which drives so many of the relationships in this book, all conveyed with almost epigrammatic precision These characters are simultaneously simplified types and complex realities, and often the dynamics within and between them occur so swiftly that it is only later we realize just how much emotional intensity has been expressed.
This book is a work of genius A funny, dark, innovative story that completely takes apart the genre of the trans memoir Kai Cheng Thom s writing is beautiful and powerful and poetic It reminds me a lot of Amber Dawn s Sub Rosa but it s also very much its own thing An ode to trans sisterhood Highly recommended Full review on my blog.
Fierce Femmes And Notorious Liars A Dangerous Trans Girl S Confabulous Memoir By Kai Cheng Thom Is The Highly Sensational, Ultra Exciting, Sort Of True Coming Of Age Story Of A Young Asian Trans Girl, Pathological Liar, And Kung Fu Expert Who Runs Away From Her Parents Abusive Home In A Rainy City Called Gloom Striking Off On Her Own, She Finds Her True Family In A Group Of Larger Than Life Trans Femmes Who Live In A Mysterious Pleasure District Known Only As The Street Of Miracles Under The Wings Of This Fierce And Fabulous Flock, Dearly Blossoms Into The Woman She Has Always Dreamed Of Being, With A Little Help From The Unscrupulous Doctor Crocodile When One Of Their Number Is Brutally Murdered, The Protagonist Joins Her Sisters In Forming A Vigilante Gang To Fight Back Against The Transphobes, Violent Johns, And Cops That Stalk The Street Of Miracles But When Things Go Terribly Wrong, She Must Find The Truth Within Herself In Order To Stop The Violence And Discover What It Really Means To Grow Up And Find Your Family

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