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µ Fletch Ý Download by µ Gregory McDonald In Fletch, Gregory McDonald follows a basic setup of many pulp detective novels There s a well heeled client who wants to hire detective, but the job is odd It s suspicious and little by little the detective it s together what s going on Only here instead of a detective, McDonald gives us an irreverent hotshot reporter living like a hippie bum on the Beach with the runaways and drug addicts trying to put together a story working undercover And the client thinks Fletch is a drifter like the other losers and addicts scattered across the sand You may not think this is noir at first, but it s all there just waiting to be unraveled.
Dear Friends I read 141 books last year, however, regretfully, I did not meet my challenge Thus far this year, I ve read nine books including this book, Fletch, published in 1974 Out of all those books, this might be the most entertaining of them all It had the elements I enjoy so much in reading books a mystery great character development a very likable protag who has a multitude of personal issues particularly two ex wives who he owes alimony a respected investigative journalist who is bulldog tough and doesn t let go of a great story lousey publishers who call the shots however know little to nothing about journalism and last but not least, humor light humor but nevertheless, it was just plain funny in parts Fletch has been on my sh Alternate Cover For ISBN FletchHe S An Investigative Reporter Whose Methods Are A Little Unorthodox Currently He S Living On The Beach With The Strung Out Trying To Find To The Source Of The Drugs They Live For FletchHe S Taking Than A Little Flack From His Editor She Doesn T Appreciate His Style Or The Expense Account Items He S Racking Up Or His Definition Of The Word Deadline Or The Divorce Lawyers Who Keep Showing Up At The OfficeFletchSo When Multimillionaire Alan Stanwyk Offers Fletch The Job Of A Lifetime, Which Could Be Worth A Fortune, He S Intrigued And Decides To Do A Little Investigation What He Discovers Is That The Proposition Is Anything But What It Seems 39 248 The lone man in my book club likes only very dry factual NO speculation history or so I thought It turns out that he likes mysteries, so I asked him to recommend a few, hoping we could find some common ground I really like him, and his partner, Sylvia This was the first book he recommended I did enjoy it it was light, amusing I m surprised, as it wasn t at all what I expected him to like I love finding layers of people that are surprising.
Strange book I don t think it s worn well It s tightly plotted, the dialogue s fun, and it moves right along, but it s one of those books where the main character is just untouchable, you know he can never be beaten, ever, at anything, in any way, he s always right, always, about everything, always, and along the way he s going to put everyone else in their place, especially the women, the pesky women And he does Fletch is a quick read and completely satisfying as a mystery Gregory Mcdonald skillfully juggles the novel s multiple plots and threads the two main ones together at the end without straining credulity Even 35 years after its publication, Fletch still feels original its main character is a newspaper reporter rather than the typical cop or private investigator, and the book never loses its sense of fun, a quality so often lacking in detective novels Mcdonald s writing style is suitably terse for a story about a reporter, and Irwin Fletcher s own writing within the book is exactly right for newspapers of the time Few if any of the book s words are wasted.
It s a bit disappointing to know that Fletch is the first i

I recently caught the classic Chevy Chase movie version of Fletch on cable, which served to remind me that I d never actually read the original source material So, I rushed off to my local library and checked out Fletch The novel itself is pretty much the same basic plot as the film, though there are some differences The big difference is how dialogue driven the novel is Gregory Macdonald tells the story with minimal descriptive paragraphs and instead allows the reader to discover things through the use of various conversations taking place between Irwin Fletcher and whomever he s talking to For the most part it works fairly well Macdonald has a good ear for dialogue and most of the conversations have When posing as a drug addict on the beach to find out the source of the beach s main dealer, Fletch is hired by a rich man dying of cancer to kill him But does Alan Stanwyk really have cancer That s what Fletch wants to find outI ve watched both Fletch movies but not for a couple decades at least When this popped up on one of my cheap o ebook emails, I snapped it up.
Fletch the book is a pretty good dialogue driven mystery Fletch the character is a smooth talker, a man not afraid to tell bold faced lies to get the information he wants While he shares the dry deliver of Chevy Chase from the movie Fletch, he s no Chevy Chase There are no shots of Fletch falling down, no acting like an idiot, no Doctor Rosenpenis The I.
M Fletchter of the book is a much darker character, a Vietnam vet who treats people like crap and throws cats out of seven story windows if Treasure of the Rubbermaids 5 The Underhill Account The on going discoveries of priceless books and comics found in a stack of Rubbermaid containers previously stored and forgotten at my parent s house and untouched for almost 20 years Thanks to my father dumping them back on me, I now spend my spare time unearthing lost treasures from their plastic depths.
I don t know what it is in the DNA of American males that makes so many of us quote movies incessantly There are certain friends of mine that I can have entire conversations with that consist of nothing but repeating lines from films like Animal House, Caddyshack, Ghostbusters and a hundred others One of the all time richest veins of movie quotes is Fletch.
After the movie came out in 1985 my friends and I watched it dozens of times on video and my fifteen year old self was delighted to learn that there was a whole series of

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