Trailer ¼ Following Richard Brautigan PDF by ß Corey Mesler

Trailer ¼ Following Richard Brautigan PDF by ß Corey Mesler My newest.
Let me just lay it out there for you Corey Mesler s Following Richard Brautigan is not a masterpiece, but it s close No, I don t mean Masterpiece, capital M it s not War and Peace, not Kind of Blue, not Don Giovanni What it is is a close masterpiece of language and sensibility And if that isn t a description of poetry albeit an unimaginative and pedestrian one then I don t know what is Yes, it s poetry which is fitting considering the ghost that haunts this novel and its protagonist And since we re talking about what this novel is, let me add a fewisisms It s a road movie, sans the movie part It s a coming of age story It s a bromance novel But perhapsthan anything else it s a modern day Odysseus A few other GR reviewers have also alluded to the Greek Masterpiece, capital M and the novel itself drops the O bomb But I would also add to that the Inferno After all, who is th Following Richard Brautigan Is, Among Other Things, A Ghost Story It Is Also A Love Story, A Road Novel, A Romancer S Romance And An Alleviative Threnody It Is Long On Hope And Short On Structure It Is, In The Words Of David Swing, The World S Truth With A Beautiful Woman Walking Through It It Is Made Out Of Watermelon Sugar brilliant Mesler s passion in all things whether it is hispainful disappointment at the plebian nature of hisLiterary Mecca or his shy reverence for the mysteriousgirl reading as she walks down the street.
Mesler to beat a cliche dead puts you in his shoes,makes you walk his steps and invites you to feel everymoment of triumph and failure For any human beingcapable of feeling a fraction of his passion FollowingRichard Brautigan will remind you of some part of yourlife or inspire you to begin a new life and simply sitback and enjoy where it takes you William M Brandon III One always wonders, What if What if Richard Brautigan had taken his own advice and not gone joy riding in the beautiful car called death What if he had lived, and kept writing, long into the age where flowing digits replaced the winsome flowers Brautigan, maven of the San Francisco countercultural zeitgeist, would have surely continued to write his spare themes of love, death, and how we are haunted by both Surely also, he would have embraced the Internet, publishing his episodic narratives in blogs, chats, and other social networking spaces, holding us all in anticipation, waiting for the next installment His poetic prose would have shimmered on our screens like cathedrals made from the crystal bones of birds Al have not read Brautigan not anything Brautigan penned himself, anyway but if, by proxy, you d like to feel young for the first timethis writ will do it sad as not being able to break a just gathered egg with your god taken palms knowing you ll have to throw it on a pan and watch it.
Loved Brautigan s ghost sense of humor and the narrator s belief that it is absolutely normal to have a ghost hanging around giving advice.

When you read and fall in love with a writer who is already dead, there is a limit to where you can go with them, where they can take you Corey Mesler shows you that this is a false statement, there are places far beyond the limits of what they have written that are still left to explore This book takes you there, gives back whatever you feel you lost, missed by not knowing them Cerebral and beat at the same time, unapologetic and gritty, this book scratches the itch of the missing limb.
The book starts out with cringingly intimate confessional details that make this distinct from most coming of age tales I breathed a sigh of relief when Brautigan s ghost showed up to set the narrator straight Nice, poetic language Leaves you wanting .

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