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Trailer ¸ Texas Forever PDF by ✓ Ginger Chambers You Can T Miss What You Ve Never HadThat S The Philosophy Claire Hannaford S Always Followed Orphaned Shortly After Her Birth, Claire S Never Had A Family And She S Convinced Herself She Doesn T Need One Being On Her Own Means She S Free To Take Nursing Posts Wherever And Whenever She WantsHer Latest Assignment Brings Her To The Parker Ranch To Care For Ailing Mae Parker, The Clan S Formidable Matriarch Claire S Never Seen A Close Knit Family Like This One, And It Reminds Her That She S On The Outside Looking In Tanner Reid, A Member Of The Extended Family, Feels He S As Much An Outsider As Claire And Reaches Out To HerBefore Long, Claire Realizes That Tanner And The Rest Of The Parkers Have Given Her The Home She S Never Had And As The Time To Go Draws Near, Claire Wonders How She Can Possibly Leave Her Heart Behind For the Love of Texas is not a book I don t usually pick up and read Harlequin books if I have others to choose from, but at this time, it was the ONLY one I had to chose from when I went on vacation and finished the books I had brought, soI read it I was pretty shocked to find I enjoyed reading it.
The main Character, Claire, is a nurse that does home health care, wherever the job takes her She doesn t have a family, and as she puts it you can t miss what you ve never had , and she s convinced herself he doesn t need or want one.
When she takes a job at the Parker Ranch caring for the family matriarch, Mae Parker, she s planning on doing what she s always done before Don t get attached to the patient, or their family But, she didn t expect that Mae had other plans for her This is a story of family in the tr

THIS IS TAKEN IN TEXAS AND IT A INTERESTING PLOT TO IT CLAIRE WAS NURSEBY TRADE SHE GO TO THE HOME AND TAKE CARE OF THEM TILL DEATH WELL SHE IS GOINGTOT HE PARKER HOUSE WELL MAE IS THE THE OLDER LADY OF THE HOUSE THE FAMILY WAS TORN APART THAT MAE HAD TO GET HOME CARE SHE DID NOT WANT ANY ONE TO BOTHER BUT CLAIRE TOOK CARE OF HER AND THEN TANNER COME HOME LONG LOST FAMILY MEMBER WELL MAE PASSES ON AND WHAT HAPPEN TO CLAIR SHE IS IN LOVE WITH TANNER AND SO THEY ARE PLANNING TO MARRY This seems to be the last book in a series most are out of print now I have read one of the other books in the series and I am not sure how well I would have followed this one without having read it Though that one was in the middle too and was fine Anyway, this was a good read, though a bit on the light side for romance Much of it focused on the family and tying up lose ends It seemed to be the resolution of a good series Claire is a great character who has never had a family to call her own unlike the Parkers who havethan they know what to do with Tanner has never really felt a part of the Parkers and is lost now with the pain of his best friends death It was a good book and I m sure was a nice ending to the series, but it didn t seem like much o

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