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[Angela Brazil] ✓ For the School Colours [wwii-related-fiction PDF] Ebook Epub Download Ê This feels like two novellas, one much better than the other, awkwardly cobbled together through the device of having the protagonist be a weekly boarder The school story proper, about a very small school in which the boarders are a privileged class, dealing with a huge influx of day girls when a large day school is acquired by the school, is a lot of fun The clashes and power struggles between the boarders, who are determined to keep sole control over all school affairs and privileges, and the resentful day girls, are a lot of fun, especially when the day girls react to being banned from the Drama Club by refusing to play hockey for the school The heroine, a weekly boarder formerly form the day school, manages with the help of her super crush As other reviewers have described, this book didn t know what it was It was half school story and half a story about a German spy The two plots didn t converge at all and the book suffered a great deal for it.
Another jolly good ripping yarn Set in a small, rather exclusive boarding school during the Great War that has suddenly taken over another local school and now its numbers have trebled with the advent of so many new girls The boarders are not fans of these new invaders and it splits the school right down the middle But it s not just a simple boarding school story it s as if the author wanted to write about four different books here You have the German neighbour suspected of being a spy because he s German, who also happens to be the crotchety old uncle of one of the girls and the landlord of one of the others great, adventurous subplot, but I d have liked at the school Also very untintentionally gay LOL Very, very dated But heaps of fun, if a bit heavy on with the epic patriotism.

Of course I ve already said how much I prefer Angela Brazil s school stories to her other books, so I knew I was going to love this one I was right I just love the old school innocence, the fact that a schoolgirl can so admire an older woman that the author labels it love from the get go I love the school pride, the focus on sports I wasn t as interested in Pamela s side of things, because I accurately predicted the outcome there from the get go Still, another first class school story I still have a heap on my new kindle to read, so look out for reviews The boarders at Silverside school are astonished when they return to discover that the school, which before was mainly boarding, with only a few day girls, has amalgamated with a local day school, and now there are three times as many day girls The two groups quickly find themselves at odds, which makes life difficult for Avelyn she is a weekly boarder, going home on the weekends, but nine months earlier she was a day girl at the other school But, because of her unique position, she is the one who encourages both groups to combine For the School Colours.
read this book online for free through Project Gutenberg It S The Limit Exploded Laura An Atrocious Shame Agreed Janet Gives Me Nerve Shock Mourned Ethelberga Gloomily You See, Continued Laura, Popping The Tray Of Her Box On To The Floor And Sitting Down On Her Bed, So As The Better To Address Her Audience You See, It S Been Plumped Upon Us Without Any Warning Miss Thompson Must Have Arranged It Long Ago, But She Never Let Out So Much As A Teeny Weeny Hint If I D Known Before I Came Back I D Have Asked Father To Give A Term S Notice And Let Me Leave At Christmas Crystal Clear, I Would Rather So Would This Child I Guess We All Should I Call It So Mean To Have Sprung It On Us Like This I Really Couldn T Have Believed It Of Miss Thompson She S Gone Down Miles In My Estimation I Can Never Feel The Same Towards Her Again Never Those Hawthorners Oh, To Think Of It What S The Matter Asked A Fourth Voice, As Another Girl, Still In Hat And Coat, And Carrying Her Travelling Bag, Entered The Dormitory Irma Is It You, Old Sport D You Mean To Say You Haven T Heard The News Yet Only Just This Minute Arrived, And I Ve Flown Straight Upstairs I Met Hopscotch In The Hall, And Asked, Am I Still In The Cowslip Room And She Nodded Yes, So I Didn T Wait For Any Has Anything Grizzly Happened You Re All Looking Very Glum We May Well Look Glum, Said Laura Tragically Something Particularly Grizzly S Happened You Remember That Day School At The Other Side Of The Town The Hawthorns Yes

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