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[ Read Online Fox Mate ✓ poland PDF ] by Robin Roseau ä This book has garnered some pretty strongly worded negative reviews here and elsewhere The problem with these reviews is you can t read them without spoilers Hopefully, this will help potential readers decide whether to buy it or not, without any unnecessary reveals.
If you haven t read the first and second books, go get them They are excellently plotted and written The following review will contain spoilers from the first two books.
In the third book, Michaela the fox and Lara the Alpha wolf are now in a stable relationship and are engaged The whole book covers the wedding preparations, the bridal shower and the wedding itself From this alone you can infer that there is a lull in the proceedings Its not exactly dull, because the traditional wolf bridal shower is anything but Think of this book as Michaela s initiation into wolf life and traditionscomplete with a hazing ceremony I really loved the two first books but this one is really sick.
The protagonist gets tortured by her friends and all they say is that it was fun and that she needed to prove herself.
At the end of the day of torture she felt loved I mean seriously what the fuck, they tortured you, stole your house, you end owing them favores and you feel loved I don t know what the author smoked while writing this book but it really ruined a serie that I liked.

Michaela and crew are back but this book really seemed to come out of left field both in plot and character development There were elements I liked, such as the whole knife business, but it was completely unexpected, with no hints or foreshadowing in the previous novels If you were going to skip one of the series, this is the one to do it Between the angst and the power plays in the bride ransoming plot, I really did not like this installment.
Fox Mate began the day after it ended Fox PlayMichaela and Lara are engagedthis fact give the opportunity to the author to relate in a deep way the mentality, customs and traditions of the pack, and this same fact let us readers know and about Lara background, skeletons buried deeply into the closet and ghosts.
There are parts in this book that are deeply sad, strong and also violent but I have felt connected to Michaela then ever thanks to them.
This book can change from comedy to tragedy in a second and a thing that don t cease to amaze me is not only that, like always with Mrs Roseau s books, I couldn t stop reading them till the very end but also that the story keep my mind occupied well after have reached the ending.
I am a fan of Robin Roseau work, I love the way she have with words, I love how much she can capture my attention after only on This is both disgusting and poorly written I mostly liked the first two books in this series, but this one ruined them It rewrites the protagonist s back story, in ways that cause major events of the first two books to no longer make sense Much of this book centers around her being kidnapped, imprisoned, extorted, and tortured, nearly to death, by her friends It only ends when she agrees to give her house to one of the wolves This is supposedly some sort of werewolf pre wedding tradition Her responses to this are wildly inconsistent with her character s backstory She forgives them hours of confinement, humiliation, and mutilation This not friendship or love, it is sadism and Stockholm syndrome For the reader, it s a sickening perversion of the character we met in the first book.
I wouldn t classify The Madison Wolves series as deep literature The novels are akin to a delicious dessert than a filling meal These books are the light bits that are good to fill the soul with a little extra light every now and again And that is how much of Fox Mate goes along it lifts the heart with the charming and touching pieces, and provides a fantastic retreat from reality Personally, I think of The Madison Wolves series as my own little addiction.
Fox Mate maintains much of what I love about the previous books, though it seemingly is light in actual content for much of the early book When the conflict arises, it is astounding how quickly things escalate and how both painful and funny the initial conflict can be That initial conflict, though, o Reviewing after reading the first three the first two are OK, with the third the series becomes very unpleasant, inconsistent with the first two, and wanders into confusing a BDSM relationship with emotional abuse Not recommended.
Impressive The author tied up a few loose ends in the first two books I can t wait to read the fourth book.
Fox Mate Is The Rd Of The Madison Wolves Novels, Telling The Continued Story Of The Feisty Were Fox, Michaela, And Her Alpha Werewolf Lover, LaraMichaela Redfur Has Been Accepted Into The Wolf Pack As Their Fox, And A Wedding With Lara, The Alpha, Is In The Planning But Being Accepted Into A Close Knit Clan Is Not Simply A Formality There Are Rites Of Initiation And You Know You Are Truly Accepted When The Dark And Ugly Is Accepted Along With The GoodIn Fox Mate Michaela, The Lone And Orphaned Fox, Finds Out How Acceptance Works Wolf Style Some Rough Play, Lots Of Love Especially When A Pack Member Is In Need Of HelpMichaela Struggles To Hold Things Together And Find Peace In Time To Save The WeddingThis Is A Novel Of , Words The Novel Deals With Traumatic Issues From Michaela S Past And Contains Some Graphic Violence And Scenes That May Be Disturbing To Sensitive Readers Abuse masked as love is still abuse, not a way to advance a plot.

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