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Download Epub Format â Fractured (The ARC, #3) PDF by â Alexandra Moody After enjoying Tainted, and practically devouring Talented, I started reading Fractured right away Unfortunately, I don t think it does the other two books justice.
First of all, there didn t seem to be much of a plot For half the book Elle is stuck in hospital, and for the other half things are happening so fast that it was hard to keep track of what was going on It didn t help that there were several new subplots introduced, as well as the old ones.
My pet peeve about this book was that it drove me crazy how little description there was of the numerous tests which Elle was subjected to There were a couple of tests an eye injection and an MRI which were described in meticulous detail, but the rest of them had no other description than basically, the doctors ran tests on me This happened time and time again, and I just wanted a little bit of description about t I can t remember the last time I was so excited to turn a page simply to find out what happens next This series has elements which are both realistic and disturbing at the same time, though, Elle Winters, the heroine demonstrates her resourcefulness in defeating and overcoming the tests aka experiments that are being inflicted upon her.
all to satisfy some maniac s lust for power That story line could easily have been drawn directly from our own Earth history just think of all the dictators who have come and gone The so called Recruiters could have been based on Germany s SS or Gestapo circa 1933 45 just with some extra talents thrown in Who says truth is stranger than fiction I am going to wait a couple of days before

I received a copy of Fractured by Alexandra Moody in exchange for an honest review.
I absolutely adore Alexandra Moody and her ARC series Elle is exactly what a heroine should be She is strong, brave, intelligent and even though at times she does have help she is very independent Some of the scenes and trauma Elle goes through in this book had my stomach dropping and i found it impossible to put down my kindle Fractured is an amazing continuation in this fantastic series and each book just keeps getting better There are a few possible romantic possibilities and I have to say i do have my own favourite for Elle s happy ever after However, I love that the story doesn t revolve completely around romance as if you were in Elle s situation the first thing on your mind should be survival I cannot wait to see what comes next in the series as Elle and all the rest of the ch This installment was so much better than the first two While Elle continues to annoy me, I am seeing some evidence of growth with her character She wasn t quite as selfish as she was in the previous books Small miracles, I suppose.
Buthere s where I totally lost controlWTF HUNTER I mean, I had a feeling that something about him was off, but I definitely was NOT expecting THAT It doesn t completely add up, so I m hoping that maybe he was somehow brainwashed or something because I really loved his character CRIES I can t handle the thought of an evil Hunter Nope What bothered me even about this turn of events is that apparently April Beth knew all along who Hunter s father was and she never said anything Why That s not exactly something a perso The title fits this part of Elle s journey perfectly Throughout the previous two books her adventure has taken her through major ups and downs and revelations hard to stomach Through it all she remains as strong as she can and finds herself turning into a leader to help others and herself out of a terrible situation Another home run for Alexandra Moody in my opinion this was a five plus star read.
5 StarsCompelling, engaging and hard to forget This series has been really good on several levels My only complaint it the occasional, mild language Otherwise, excellent series Both intriguing and suspenseful, great cast of characters and plot line Not sure where this will all go and that is thrilling Too often you can figure things out and this series will keep you guessing Really looking forward to the conclusion in Book 4 out in 2016 The wait seems so long EhI feel like all the YA authors I have been reading in the past few years are just stretching what could be one really good book into 3 or 4 okay books At this point in the story, book 3, I have spent 12 to read the same storyline over and over I am not even interested in book 4 and will not be purchasing it.
Umwow A large portion of this book is dealing with some incredibly disturbing stuff the main character endures I couldn t stop reading it needing to know that things would get better You know they will there s another book in the series after all buy how Parts of it were hard to read, but it was a good book and a great setup to finish the series in the next book Popular E Book, Fractured The ARC, 3 Author Alexandra Moody This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Fractured The ARC, 3 , Essay By Alexandra Moody Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please read And Make A Refission For You A stunningly great 3rd bookUsually by the 3rd Book in a series it has a bit of trouble with the story line and staying fresh with the characters, not this book It was fabulous I ve finished the first 3 books in one week and as soon as I m finished with this review 4 is waiting on me Highly recommended.

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