Trailer ç ジー ティー オー PDF by ç Tōru Fujisawa

Trailer ç ジー ティー オー PDF by ç Tōru Fujisawa In A Surprise Visit, Onizuka Shows Uchiyamada Life Is Indeed Wonderful Meanwhile, Teshigawara Rocks The Schoolhouse When He Hatches A Deadly Plot To Kidnap Fuyutsuki Can Onizuka Get Her Back Before Teshigawara Lays A Finger On Her Put Away The Homework And Take Notes An Explosive Conclusion Awaits Readers In This Action Packed Volume Of GTO

Funniest Series EVER My absolute favorite Teshigawara, having been busted, flips out and goes on a major rampage, posing as a cop He shoots Onizuka four times, takes the school and the Headmistress hostage, while Fuyutsuki remains his captive Some students try to help, but only get caught themselves Onizuka shows up at the school and as usual tries to talk some sense into the man It doesn t really work seeing as he ends up jumping off the roof anyway Teshigawara s older genius brother shows up, too and reveals that he and his father both lost their prestigious jobs and their father has gone nutty so Teshi is actually doing better than them all now and shouldn t feel inferior That doesn t work either and this is when he jumps We also learn abou

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