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Trailer Î 学園アリス9 PDF by ¸ Tachibana Higuchi I will NEVER get over the epicness of that horrible kiss Oh, Natsume, you little jealous brat Or Ruka and Natsume s conversation after YOU HAVE HORRIBLE TASTE IN WOMEN THEN SO DO YOU view spoiler because they both like Mikan, hahaha hide spoiler DOUBLE REVIEW Since I forgot all about volume 8 heheOK, THE SHIPPPPPPP I m actually high key depressed because I love Ruka soooo much MIKANNNNNNN YOU LUCKY 10 YEAR OLD You have so many options at the age of 10 ugh Also PETITION FOR MORE HOTARU I adore Hotaru and Mikan s relationship and I NEED MORE OF THEIR SCENES They re actually bff goals Ok, but I seriously need to rant view spoiler RUDE NATSUME WHY ARE YOU SO RUDE How could you actually kiss Mikan YOU RE ONLY 10 OMGGGG Contrary to what all the kids are saying I bet this is Natsume s first kiss too, which is endearing but at the same time RUKA MY CHILDDDD I M SO SORRY FOR YOU Since the ship is high key sailing for Natsume and here Ruka s only got a kiss on the cheek under his belt GO RUKA I BELIEVE IN YOU Though I know it will be in vain T T hide spoiler

I continue to be frustrated by Tachibana Higuchi She has a fascinating story here with some fun characters and her plots, by and large, are at a minimum, entertaining But the storytelling or translation continues to be awkward and unclear I ll keep reading in hope that it gets better, but I m beginning to despair of that ever happening.
stejn recenze u v ech d lP kn kresba, kter se d bohu el hodn v c vytknout Ob as m ly n jak sti t la divnou velikost, je se prost nedala p ehl dnout, proto e to bilo do o Tak se zde vyskytoval v kov nepom r mezi r zn mi v kov mi skupinami Takt se mi zd lo mnoho postav velice vzhledov podobn ch, tak e se pak h e rozpozn vali a bylo jednoduch se v tom ztr cet U tohohle mohu ale p imhou it o i, jeliko tu bylo charakter opravdu po ehnan Abych tady nezmi ovala jenom z pory, tak mus m ci, e se mi hodn l bily zjednodu en kresby, design koln ch uniforem a ostatn ho oble enP b h se mi l bil, a dokonce m n kter momenty dojaly a k slz m Pomyslela jsem si, e je moc hezk vid t n co tak nezka en ho S odstupem asu jsem ale k cel mu d ji o dost skepti t j A p ekvapilo m , kolik vad jsem byla schopna nal zt Av ak je t divn j bylo, e jsem si p b Jilid menarik Mikan bertemu dengan kepala sekolah SD Nah, waktu kuliah dulu kayaknya membaca sampai sini deh di taman bacaan Jadi ingat oasis taman bacaan bagi anak kuliahan Sekarang sudah, jarangLalu pas kerja, lanjut ngumpulin komiknya lagi.
Continuing with my reread, I find this series to be really excessive and the characters are so over the top in the best way possible I just love how flamboyant everything is This is the Christmas volume, one of my favorites, because of our new character and the budding romance This was a nice transition story from one plot intense arc to the other, but it was still really nice to read Still loving this series 4 Stars Ibaragi Nobara chan seems like a nice person She has the ice alice Like Natsume, i think she just want to have the warmth of friends and happiness but Persona is getting on the way ugh Hahaha The Imai siblings are so alike So weird XD lol Youichi is so cute Him playing with Bear Waah so kawaii and that part when Youichi kissed Mikan on the cheek as thanks Then Ruka kissed the other cheek Waaah haha Natsume saying Mikan was a lousy kisser to people nearby even though they havent really kissed yet that time then he really did kiss Mikan for real on the tree Gaaaah WTH 10 years old having their 1st kiss already T.
T how sad is my life Haha 3 read Chapter At URL It S Time For The Alice Academy Christmas Party, And All The Students Are Pitching In With Their Alices To Help With The Preparations But While Mikan Has Gotten A Lot Comfortable With Her Own Powers, How Can Nullification Help In A Situation Like This Meanwhile, The Holidays Are Bringing Up A Variety Of Confusing Emotions All Around, And Quite A Bit Of Speculation About Romance Tokyopop This series is by far the cutest shoujo series I have ever followed I m glad that it s still ongoing in Japan because it means a lot goodness to look forward to, but I m also frustrated because the wait for each volume release feels tediously slow.
As for this volume I loved it, and I couldn t put it down Tachibana Higuchi excels with her humor and her characters interactions And, while everything seems light and happy on the surface, the sinister undertones of the series continue to develop but, do we expect any less with Persona on the cover of this volume This is such a delightful series I m so glad I found it Looking forward to volume 10 early next year.

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