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ç Germanica ¼ Download by ê Robert Conroy It was okay, about what you expect from Conroy Not his best but not bad Sad he s gone now and only one book to go Germanica is an alternate history take on the end of World War II that postulates that Hitler authorized an Alpine redoubt for Germany s final stand Convoy follows his usual practice of telling the tale through just a few characters with some additional historical filler There is a decent amount of action, but plenty of main character development to keep the reader s interest A nice AH is what Germanica turned out to be.

originally posted here passing of Robert Conroy at the end of 2014 was a blow to the alternate history community as he was one of the most prolific authors in the genre next to Harry Turtledove Although some have criticized the late author for his implausible alternate histories, many people have credited him with introducing them to alternate history Having never read any of his novels, I really couldn t comment on him as an author, but I made it a point to pick up one of his books as soon as I could since he was obviously important to many alternate historians So when Germanica came out and it was suggested as a possible candidate for a 2015 Sidewise nomination, I decided to check it out.
The story beg I picked this ARC up on the basis of a weakfish recommendation from a colleague, and now I understand why the recommendation was weakish It is technically well crafted, and the fictional characters central to the story are interesting and well developed There were a few clich d moments, including one character who is blatantly introduced in order to die dramatically a few pages later, but the death is so off hand that it barely registers Still, the character interactions are generally good.
It s the alternate history aspect of the story that is weak.
The basic premise is that the Nazis use various means to drag out the end of the war in Europe, based on things that they were actually working on at one point or another As a reader, my problem was that at several points in the book, the Nazi hierarchy went into hand rubbing glee over some An entertaining what if I have enjoyed many of Robert Conroy s books In a sense he is like a younger Harry Turtledove or WEB Griffin, but concise Germanica assumes that the German High Command established a redoubt in the Alps, from which to continue the war after the fall of Berlin The Allies feared exactly this although the Germans historically dismissed the idea as impractical The book has some interesting characters, including a Jewish woman enslaved by a middle class German family dustinguished only by their ordinariness an appropriately nasty SS officer and a variety of Americans led by a fughter pilot who becomes an OSS agent after being shot down over Switzerland.
I wondered if the author had played a strategic WW2 game which outlined the action The politics involved in dealing with the neutral Swiss are interesting and ring true Discussions in the White House seem less convinci I always liked Conroy s stuff read just about everything he wrote This one is my favorite All his works are entertaining, plausible and realistic, and quick reads.
Sad to think that this could have happened Mr Conroy has a special gift in dreaming this stuff up I felt the story flowed nicely and was believable.
A highly unlikely scenario, but the takeoff point from WW2 history is engaging and entertaining, as always with Conroy s alternate histories Enjoyed it very much.
Best Selling Alternate History Master Robert Conroy Returns To World War II, This Time For A Dangerous Last Stand Of The Nazis In The Heart Of The AlpsRMANICA, BER ALLES Deep In The Heart Of Europe S Alps In The Redoubt Called Germanica, Nazi Propaganda Master Josef Goebbels And A Battalion Of Nazi Zealots Hold Out Against A Frantic Final Allied Push To End World War II With Churchill Losing His Election, De Gaulle Consolidating His Rule Over A Newly Liberated France, And Stalin Asserting His Own Nefarious Land Grab In Eastern Germany, Only America, Led By Its Untried New President Harry Truman, Remains To Face The Toughest Of Nazi Warriors As They Hunker Down For A Bitter Fight To The Last ManGoebbels Knows That If He Can Hold Out Just A Bit Longer, The War Weary Of The Western Nations Will Back Away From Unconditional Surrender For Germany, And He And His Zealots Can Remain In Power Never To Answer For Their War Crimes, And Able Prepare For The Moment When Their Hateful Nazi Ideology Is Ready Once Again To Rise From Its Alpine Grave And Strike At The Heart Of Humanity But There Are Americans And A Few Stalwart Europeans Just As Determined To Put A Final Stake In The Nazi Heart It Is Now Up To Heroes In The Making Such As Newly Minted OSS Operative Ernie Janek, Commando Captain Scott Tanner, And Formerly Enslaved Czech Jew Lena Bobek, To Bring Down The Dark Nazi Menace Growing Like A Cancer In The Mountainous Heart Of The Continent Great imagination This book has the author s usual grammatical mistakes, but overall I enjoyed it I have now read all of Conroy s books and must find another author that I enjoy.

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