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✓ Read ¹ Getting Naked by Patrick Lencioni ¹ This book tells how consultants can forge better client relationships by being vulnerable Vulnerable, or naked, service is characterized by uncommon levels of humility, selflessness, and transparency for the clients good It tells how to be like team members than vendors The result is work that s enjoyable, profitable, and rewarding.
It explains three fears that hold consultants back, and how to overcome these fears Written as a fable, it s short, but still longer than necessary.
I agreed with most of the advice The main point that I questioned was the recommendation to start consulting in the initial meeting, before arranging an agreement or fees I can only see that working for certain consulting services and if the client is pre qualified.
I look forward to using the advice to improve the way we consult in my web design agency, O read this afternoon, feeling as though I was playing hooky from my real consulting work, but it was just what I needed to read as a consultant and business owner Between readings, I pitched the first phase of a potentially long term project with a client I m delighted to work with so there s that The Three Fears 1 Fear of losing the business 2 Fear of being embarrassed 3 Fear of feeling inferiorThe principles of naked service Always consult instead of sellGive away the businessTell the kind truthEnter the dangerAsk dumb questionsMake dumb suggestionsCelebrate your mistakesTake a bullet for the clientMake everything about the clientHonor the client s workDo the dirty workAdmit your weaknesses and limitations Another Extraordinary Business Fable From The New York Times Bestselling Author Patrick Lencioni Written In The Same Dynamic Style As His Previous Bestsellers Including The Five Dysfunctions Of A Team, Lencioni Illustrates The Principles Of Inspiring Client Loyalty Through A Fascinating Business Fable He Explains The Theory Of Vulnerability In Depth And Presents Concrete Steps For Putting It To Work In Any Organization The Story Follows A Small Consulting Firm, Lighthouse Partners, Which Often Beats Out Big Name Competitors For Top Clients One Such Competitor Buys Out Lighthouse And Learns Important Lessons About What It Means To Provide Value To Its ClientsOffers A Key Resource For Gaining Competitive Advantage In Tough Times Shows Why The Quality Of Vulnerability Is So Important In Business Includes Ideas For Inspiring Customer And Client Loyalty Written By The Highly Successful Consultant And Business Writer Patrick Lencioni This New Book In The Popular Lencioni Series Shows What It Takes To Gain A Real And Lasting Competitive Edge Our agency has recently moved to an Account Management Project Management model for account service Instead of tiers within the account service structure we now have people who focus on the business needs partnered with those focused on the operational work needed to produce outstanding marketing materials for our client In an effort to develop a stronger account management culture here, we re reading a few books to help us grow in this regard This is the latest one and, so far, the best For me, it is most relevant because we ve also been discussing Leadership practices and the strongest value that our leadership team needs to develop here is vulnerability We need to lose a number of fears all of which are addressed in this book They are 1 Fear of Los Coming from a consulting background in the middle east I can definitely relate to the book The book tells a fable about Jack Power a Senior Consultant in prestigious consulting firm who acquired a small consulting firm called Lighthouse and he was assigned responsible for the integration Jack faces a challenge represented in the cultural differences between the two companies Traditional consulting vs Lighthouse way As jack dives deep in lighthouse approach he finds it successful and sustainable as it focuses on long term relationships based on honesty and being direct with their clients Jack started asking himself how they do it without any second thoughts He is conclusion lighthouse consultants are okay with being vulnerable and they don t have any of the following fears which typical Consultants have 1 The fear of losing business 2 The fear This was a well written and easy to consume book A refreshing narrative for a self help sales book.
Probably one of the best books on management consulting that I ve read to date Written as a fable, and citing Lencioni s own strategies for consulting, this book is a page turner I blame the author for making me lose sleep the night I decided to pick this up because I could not put it down I had to get to the end of the book and it was the very early hours of the morning before I finally conceded I needed sleep Easy to understand principles, maybe not so easy to Implement unless you re willing to put aside your ego and sales face when you re working with clients HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

All consultants should read this one Short read really enjoyed it and it just confirms I m with the right company.
Not much new here Once again a fable to fill enough pages to sell a book If you are a busy business person, just read the last 20 pages Just finished Getting Naked Ha I definitely learned some new ways to approach my business It is a very fast read Resist operating from a fear of losing business, feeling inferior, or being embarrassed and instead just serve and give to the client.
To Get Naked in Business Always Consult instead of Sell Don t be afraid of losing the business Give Away the Business Just serve and give people what they need Tell the Kind Truth Give the direct truth in a helpful and kind way Enter the Danger Dangerous situations are really opportunities to add value and build trust Ask Dumb QuestionsMake Dumb SuggestionsCelebrate Your MistakesTake a Bullet for the ClientMake Everything about the Client.
Honor the Client s WorkDo the Dirty WorkAdmit our Weaknesses and Limitations

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