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[Robert Westbrook] ✓ Ghost Dancer [army-of-tennessee PDF] Read Online à It was pretty good, I kind of compare these type books to Hillerman and I think this one was ok I m going to read a coupleto see if they continue to stand up Either way I will continue to read Mr Westbrook because I enjoy these stories.
Didn t think much of the authors style Takes quite a while to understand what s going on and character development is slow and then a little too detailed Very anti fundamental Christian who are portrayed as stupid and violent Pro abortion in a big way.
A Unique Pair Of Private Investigators A Lakota Sioux Graduate Student Studying Culinary Psycho Sociology , And A Blind Ex San Francisco Police Officer Have Their Work Cut Out For Them Their Client, An Ex US Senator Turned Ski Resort Owner, Has Been Shot Dead With An Arrow Before He Could Tell The Detectives Why He Hired Them A Look Into Their Client S Past Exposes His Tangled Affairs And Eccentricities , And Places Them In A Deadly Web Of Intrigue And Murder I just finished an excellent book The Ghost Dancer by Robert Westbrook First in the Howard Moon Deer Mystery Series All the things I love mystery, murder, New Mexico backdrop, Native Americans in key roles, adult romances rah real sex , snow skiing, twists and turns, liberals vs conservatives, fair open minded folks vs radical religion cultists and anti abortion over activists Hard to believe this book was written in 1998, it could have been written right this year it s so on topic contemporary I was a bit saddened by the end But that s life, even in fiction Well done Mr Westbrook I eagerly look forward to the next book in this series, from whichever library can get it to me first Ghost Dancer A Howard Moon Deer Mystery Book 1 I was disappointed because the book had explicit scenes and I couldn t find any reviews that mentioned it Please let other readers know.
Exciting, funny, realWestbrook used words with such picturesque delight that I reread passages just to savor them A quirky pair of flawed PJ s added to the easy to visualize beauty of New Mexico and Colorado make for a series I want to follow.
Great read For the first book in a series it was a great way to spend a few hours A bit rough at times, the author managed to smooth things out and bring it all together in the end If you re into mysteries this is a good one.
Enjoyable even though a little predictable A really good read, sometimes a little wordy, but that was okay The story was good, the characters were believable I would like to readwith these two.

Hateful bookLet s see if you ve ever voted Republican, or if you drive an American made car, or if you are antiabortion or if you like McDonald s I would highly advise not wasting your time with this book Unfortunately this is not the new Tony Hillerman.
A decent mystery, although formulaic, and ok performance by Kaibo Schwab What annoyed me is that this is one of the most bigoted things I ever listened to never mind the digs against Republicans, Christians most of whom are not crazed , American cars, people who eat at McDonalds, etc, but declaring all kids cared for by grandmothers as disadvantaged hit my button I, with advanced degrees and experience in early childhood education, am one of many grandmothers who abandoned careers in order to nurture our grandchildren I could not help but be insulted, and based on my experience in primary education can attest to the fact that most kids in my low economic audience elementary were better served by grandmothers than parents who were too overwhelmed w

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