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Trailer Ü Gideon Planish PDF by é Sinclair Lewis Harry Sinclair Lewis Was An American Novelist, Short Story Writer, And Playwright In , He Became The First Writer From The United States To Receive The Nobel Prize In Literature, Which Was Awarded For His Vigorous And Graphic Art Of Description And His Ability To Create, With Wit And Humor, New Types Of Characters His Works Are Known For Their Insightful And Critical Views Of American Capitalism And Materialism Between The Wars He Is Also Respected For His Strong Characterizations Of Modern Working Women Lewis Gideon Planish has been accused of being a re hash of old ideas, but if it is, then it seems to be one much in the same way that P.
G Wodehouse re hashed old ideas and characters when he wrote the continuing, never ending adventures of Bertie Wooster co Planish is a man who will say whatever is required by the organization or occasion, as long as there s a buck in it for him and for his Rubenesque wife Peony His trials range from the amusing to the unfortunate, and if Gideon Planish never rises to the level of high tragedy or high art, it leaves readers with an interesting perspective on America s long week end, and a lot to think about At times laugh out loud funny, I felt that my expectations of this book were lower than it merited, thanks to a critical misunderstanding of what Lewis was trying to achieve This shouldn t be your first foray into Lewis you should at least know h

It is terribly disappointing to me to only give this book two stars It s the only book of lewis that has disappointed meso far, of the dozen I ve read It held promise at first but it was frustrated by an unesscesarily largenovast number of characterswho really added little to nothing to the story was his editor afraid Lazy or was Lewis in too deep on a story line subject that he seemed to give up in at some point and decided to amuse us with his cleverness I dont know, but it saddens me I m a terrific fan of Lewis work and I m working my way through all of his books, several for the second time, most for the first, and I shall ignore this bump in the road You probably should, too.
Nifty satire about the business of charity One can t help feeling that not much has changed since Sinclair Lewis s novel was written Gideon Planish is an ambitious yet genial everyman always looking for the next opportunity to enrich himself or further his political ambitions He s not entirely successful although he succeeds to some extent Numerous fallible characters in the same business cross his path and the novel wrings some wry laughs from these personages Suffers a little from too even a tone No great dramatic interludes accompany Gideon s journey and he traverses the pitfalls with aplomb leaving this novel a little flat in the reading.

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