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Á Read ç Gilles Villeneuve: The Life of the Legendary Racing Driver by Gerald Donaldson Ë Gilles Villeneuve Became A Legend In His Own Time, A Driver Whose Skill And Daring Personified The Ideals Of Grand Prix Racing, The Pinnacle Of Motor SportWith His Flamboyantly Aggressive, Press On Regardless Style In His Scarlet Ferrari, He Captured The Imagination Of A Vast International Audience As No Other Driver Has In Recent Times I know that some day I am going to have a really big crash Unfortunately that day came and claimed the life of arguably the fastest and purest Formula One driver the sport has ever seen Gerald Donaldson does a spectacular job of telling the story of the legendary Canadian driver Gilles Villeneuve The book starts right at the beginning Donaldson takes the reader on a journey through Gille s life from his early days growing up in Quebec to that sad unforgettable day in May 1982 Gilles lived his life in the fast lane He always had the need for speed, whether it was on snowmobiles, his pickup truck, or in the cockpit of his Ferrari F1 machine With that said, Gilles wasn t wild or crazy behind the wheel His friends and family may have thought so as Donaldson comically points out, but he was always composed He had great trust in his own dr

Gilles Villeneuve was a fascinating character and a real racer, interested in simply being the fastest than winning championships And Gerald Donaldson tells his story very well I had a few minor complaints for example I would have liked to understand about Villeneuve s relationship with Pironi But these didn t get in the way of a great although tragic story.
A perfect antidote to modern F1, a bland sport with bland, politically correct drivers.
I read it several years ago, re read it years after and once again read it recently while working on the research the book I am currently writing that involves motor racing anecdotes supporting a management topic well there are plenty here about a racing driver that was always able to interpret his role behind the steering wheel at the fullest Not only that, his unique sense of an authentic and even naive way to see and live life, his way to basically continuing always to be a kid at hearth for good and bad contributed to develop a legend bound to last for many years to come

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