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× Read ☆ Goodbye My Fancy by Fay Kanin ß Comedy CharactersMale,FemaleScenery InteriorA Broadway Hit About A Liberal Congresswoman Who Returns To Her Old School As An Honorary Visitor Since Her Wartime Experiences In Europe, She Has Devoted Herself To The Task Of Acquainting People With The Horrors Of War That Is Why She Has Brought A Documentary With Her To Be Shown To The Young Graduates The Movie Is Considered Harsh And Improper By The Trustees, So She Has A Fight On Her Hands The Conflict Exposes The President As A Spineless And Irresolute Figure, Instead Of The Upstanding And Outspoken Professor With Whom Miss Reed Thought She Had Been In Love With For So Many Years The Disenchantment Drives Her Into The Arms Of A Wartime Acquaintance Who, As A Photographer, Has Come To Cover The Event An Adult Play With Laughter On The Surface And Underneath, A Fierce, Almost Frightening Cry For Common Sense NY Journal American It Is Amusing, It Is Likeable, And It Is Certainly On The Side Of The Angels NY Post

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