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[Pamela Bedore] ↠´ Great Utopian and Dystopian Works of Literature [post-apocalyptic PDF] Read Online è You can read listen to this book without having read the works beforehand, but it really adds a lot to your understanding of the text if you take the time to read them first.
This is a decent series overall, and one I d recommend to anyone interested in the topic Really, I only have two mostly minor criticisms 1 Several of the books discussed aren t actually either utopias or dystopias Bedore does a good job of using these books to talk about elements of utopia or dystopia, but that doesn t change the fact that City of Ember or most of Ursula K Le Guin s books aren t dystopias.
2 Bedore ignores a number of works that actually are utopian or dystopian in nature The cynical part of me suspects that Cordwainer Smith and Walter Miller don t fit into the worldview on display here, but it might be that she thinks they re just not as important as the authors she engages.
As I said, these are minor criticisms by and large This course is worth your time, particularly if you ve got a I won a free Audible credit from the Audiobook Addicts facebook group I chose The Great Courses title Great Utopian and Dystopian Works of Literature I have enjoyed many of the Great Courses before and the topic really appealed to me Professor Bedore does a fantastic job of presenting the material while keeping it very interesting for the listener The course has twenty four lessons totaling over twelve hours.
The course begins with a discussion of what Utopian and Dystopian mean The next lesson starts the discussion of the first Utopian work by Thomas More There are several lessons covering the other Utopian writers such as Swift and H G Wells The course then moves on to the Dystopias It covers muchthan Orwell s 1984 The breath of the course is really amazing It covers The Hunger Games and the Apocalyptic works of this century The final lesson is on the future of the two genres.
T Great course on Utopian and Dystopian works, with a lot of Canadian content, which pleases me to no end Lots of good stuff that I ve already read shout out for 2 chapters on my main lady, Octavia Butler , and stuff that I will look into.
As a writer of utopian and dystopian fiction myself, I just had to get my hands on this the moment I saw it pop up on Great Courses And I must say I was not disappointed.
I must admit that I m quite a slow reader It s not that I struggle to keep attentive although, admittedly, that is also a problem , but that I just don t have the time to sit down and finish things However, Great Utopian and Dystopian Works of Literature or GUDWOL, as I shall henceforth refer to it changed all of that I got through it in just under two weeks, which was a record for me.
I won t say much here, but what I will highlight is this a recurring thread I see in the reviews is that people would have benefitted from reading the books discussed in GUDWOL f The Teaching Company s Great Courses are always very high quality, and this very recent addition to their large collection of collegiate level courses is no exception Dr Pamelor Bedore is a very engaging and extremely well qualified professor for this material, which covers literature of the last few centuries dealing with both utopian and dystopian settings Often, both elements are present in the same work, and Bedore s selections give me ideas for manybooks to read Her enthusiastic style is also very fun to listen to, and I hope she is involved withGreat Courses in the near future HoursMinsCan Literature Change Our Real World Society At Its Foundation, Utopian And Dystopian Fiction Asks A Few Seemingly Simple Questions Aimed At Doing Just That Who Are We As A Society Who Do We Want To Be Who Are We Afraid We Might Become When These Questions Are Framed In The Speculative Versions Of Heaven And Hell On Earth, You Won T Find Easy Answers, But You Will Find Tremendously Insightful And Often Entertaining PerspectivesUtopian And Dystopian Writing Sits At The Crossroads Of Literature And Other Important Academic Disciplines Such As Philosophy, History, Psychology, Politics, And Sociology It Serves As A Useful Tool To Discuss Our Present Condition And Future Prospects To Imagine A Better Tomorrow And Warn Of Dangerous Possibilities To Examine The Future Of Mankind Through Detailed And Fascinating Stories That Highlight And Exploit Our Anxieties In Adventurous, Thought Provoking, And Engaging Ways From Thomas More S Foundational Text Utopia Published InTo The St Century Phenomenon Of The Hunger Games, Dive Into Stories That Seek To Find The Best And The Worst In Humanity, With The Hope Of Better Understanding Ourselves And The World Great Utopian and Dystopian Works of Literature DeliversIlluminating Lectures, Led By Pamela Bedore, Associate Professor Of English At The University Of Connecticut, Which Plunge You Into The History And Development Of Utopian Ideas And Their Dystopian Counterparts You Ll Encounter Some Of The Most Powerful And Influential Texts In This Genre As You Travel Centuries Into The Past And Thousands Of Years Into The Future, Through Worlds That Are Beautiful, Laughable, Terrifying, And Always Thought Provoking I guess this counts as a book I mean, I would have read a printed version of this course bc it sounded interesting, so I m counting it A very good overview of utopian and dystopian literature from Sir Thomas More s 16th century Utopia through the 21st century s The Hunger Fames Pamela Bedore is a very engaging lecturer BUT I disliked how often I m not going to spoil the ending was uttered in this course It really limited the scope of some of the lectures.
This is an excellent lecture series for everyone that loves utopias, dystopias or science fiction We start with Utopia by Thomas Moore and end with the YA dystopian craze of the 21st century I was surprised on how much this intersected with lectures, that I have listened to, on science fiction but still, the lecturer presented the works in new ways and gave me a lot to think about Highly recommend if you are a lit history nerd.
12 Hours and 27 minutes A delight I m disappointed to see that this is Bedore s only Great Courses lecture series since she is engaging and had me adding books to my queue throughout.

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