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[Dr. Seuss] Ô Green Eggs and Ham and Other Servings of Dr. Seuss [womens-fiction PDF] Ebook Epub Download ß It s Dr Seuss What can you say Inspirational, appropriate and fun for any age.
This Audio Book is pretty cool, although of course the rhymes can be quite confusing if you don t look at the text I didn t remember a lot of things even if I read some of the books when I was younger The readers are amazing, and it s quite an experience to listen to George Constanza, I mean, Jason Alexander, reading Dr Seuss.
Complete Stories At A Great Price Featuring Green Eggs And Ham read By Jason Alexander One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish read By David Hyde Pierce Oh, The Thinks You Can Thinkread By Michael McKean I M Not Going To Get Up Today read By Jason Alexander Oh Say Can You Sayread By Michael McKean Fox In Socks read By David Hyde Pierce I Can read With My Eyes Shut read By Michael McKean Hop On Pop read By David Hyde Pierce Dr Seuss S ABC read By Jason Alexander I bought this as a Christmas present for one of my young friends and as I was wrapping it, decided to read it Value for the present The blurb stated that the Doctor has enthralled readers of all ages so I thought I would try it out I am glad that I did for it is amusing, as are most of Dr Seuss books, and the illustrations are terrific I am sure my young friend will enjoy it as much as I did Classic This book is amazing coming from a 8 year old Was fun listeningI work in a nursery setting so it was fun to listen to Niles Crane recite Dr Seuss Fantastic Just plain fun

I particularly liked Jason Alexander and loved as always the one where you can t convince me to get out bed D 2.
5 3 stars Narrated by Jason Alexander, David Hyde Pierce, Michael McKean with a sample of The Cat in the Hat by Kelsey GrammerOverall, this was a good audiobook collection of several of Dr Seuss s well known stories Oddly enough, I did not enjoy it as much as I had expected The twistiness of the rhymes were less fun for me without the words in print, I think, but that is my own personal preference I like to understand what I read, and things that don t make sense tend to make me tune out Green Eggs and Ham read by Jason AlexanderIt was fun He voice acted this really well, and used different voices for Sam and the one strenuously voicing his dislike for green eggs and ham He did not restrain himself, and raised his voice when it seemed called for Of all the stories in this collection, I enjoyed this pe We took this on a road trip and listened to it many times The best result of that was the 2 year old in my car randomly yelling bits of Fox in Socks all week.
The readers, no surprise, are good I did have to let Mr Alexander s readings grow on me, as I could only think of his voice belonging to a petty, greedy, little selfish man, and I ve only seen two episodes on Seinfeld I am sure he is a lovely person, and I did come to terms with his Green Eggs and Ham after a few listens Dr Seuss, of course, is just wonderful, so with such source material and talented performers, you could hardly go wrong Add to that some unobtrusive and quite funny incidental music, and this is well worth listening to.

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