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Á Read ↠´ Grimm, Volume 1 by David Greenwalt ↠´ Never Before Told Stories, Set In The World Of The Acclaimed NBC Series,Grimm, By The Show Creators Themselves Homicide Detective Nick Burkhardt, Joined By His Mother Kelly, Hank, And Monroe, Uncover Family Secrets Long Buried During Their Adventure In Europe Hunted By Verrat Soldiers, Their Quest To Destroy The Coins Of Zakynthos Reveals Dark Secrets And Promises Death For A Member Of The Cast I have to admit that I don t read a lot of graphic novels however being a fan of the Grimm television show I was excited to check this one out I think that Grimm Volume 1 is perfect for fans of the series and could also serve as a great way to introduce new fans to the show The artwork is well done really capturing the nuances of the characters and bringing them to life There are exciting backdrops as the characters travel the world, and the artwork does a great job at capturing the essence of the show The story is also very well done I m not sure exactly when it is supposed to fall in with the show, but I would have to say somewhere in season two with Nick s mom being in it and Hank knowing the truth The story is full of actio This is volume 1 of a graphic novel series based on the TV series of the same name As both are written by the same people, I would assume that this story is canonical and meant to be an add on to the TV series, though it is hard to tell exactly where this story would fit in timeline wise It s one problem, but not an insurmountable one The story mostly resolves around the hunt for the Coins of Zakynthos, which can convey great power to anyone who holds them, which is why Nick Burkhardt and his team must destroy them The coins were introduced to the Grimm back story some time ago, but has recently received less plot time than the Adalind baby plot and if you don t know what that is then why are you reading this comic Nick, Hank and Monroe travel to Europe after receiving a message from Nick

Another exciting grimm adventure Finally i got the answers i was looking forThe fate of the coins of zakynthos is revealed Really miss the show Grimm Volume 1 is a collection of comics based on the hit television series When a tie in is made, the questions that come to mind are, is it any good Is it a money grab by a studio or is it written by someone who understands the characters and world of the show I have seen a few episodes of the show, so I have a faint knowledge of the show and it s characters The book seems to ring through fine, while also offering a larger scope story than you would find in a typical episode I don t know how often they travel internationally on the show, but most show budgets don t allow such things very often.
There is a nice intro story, then the group ends up heading to Europe to find some coins The coins are dangerous and need to be destroyed T

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