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ë Guilty ¾ Download by è Norah McClintock I just finished re reading Guilty by Norah McClintock I am really fond of McClintock s way of writing, and the structure of her books This book is not part of a series as far as i know This book is a two main character book The way this is written is first person point of view, and every other chapter the POV alternates between Finn and Lila, which are the two main characters Ten years ago Finn s mother was murdered, supposedly by Lila s father who went to jail for ten years No later then 72 hours after Lila s father is released, he returns back to Finn s house The scene ends with Finn s step mother is dead and so is Lila s father As the book progresses on, Finn and Lila figure out what happened and why, trying to clear up ther I think this book was very confusing it took me till half way through the book to understand completely what was going on Once i understood it I got into the book I definitely wouldn t read it again.
Finn Watches In Horror As His Stepmother Is Gunned Down In Front Of His House His Father Reacts And Kills The Gunman When Finn Learns That The Killer Is The Same Man Who Admitted To Killing His Birth Mother Years Before, He Is Shocked And Wants To Know If This Is Than A Terrible Coincidence At The Police Station, He Meets Lila, Daughter Of The Killer, And They Strike Up A Wary Friendship Both Of Them Are Desperate To Find The Truth What They Discover Hints At A Much Larger Conspiracy Notable book as an introduction to mystery, but not so much for adults Although I did enjoy this book, I feel that it was a bit slow for my taste I would still recommend this book to a friend, as I did enjoy and complete it quickly.
I was drawn to Guilty by the blurb Finn witnesses his stepmother s murder by the same man who killed his mother and his father subsequently shooting the man That, of course, causes him to question things What could possibly have motivated the killer What follows is the definition of a quick read Since I m timing myself for the 48 Hour Book Challenge, I know that I finished in 53 minutes.
The story alternates between Finn s point of view and Lila s Lila, the daughter of the killer, grew up believing her father had been framed and unjustly sent to prison This new murder seems to confirm that everything she didn t want to believe about her father was true Then Lila and Finn meet in the police station and begin a tentative friendship As both of them rese I stayed up all night and read this story straight through to the end I enjoyed the plot and characters and would like to read by this author.
Guilty had enough unexpected twists and interesting main characters to keep me very interested.
Finn watches from his upstairs window as a man shoots his stepmother and Finn s father then shoots the murderer That s the opening scene, and we are off and running.
Lila s father is the one who shot the stepmother It just so happens that he also murdered Finn s real mother, and has just been released from prison for that crime.
The story alternates perspective between Lila and Finn Guilty may be a bit predictable you know they are both going to try to figure out what happened and why I had a pretty good idea of the real story from early on in the book, but I still didn t know it all And even if you do think you know, it just helps you root for the characters to figure it all out.
There are some good adult role models, which In Guilty, the character Lila is interested about what happened, but is also mortified that she lost her dad who talked about making up to her the years he was in jail for the killing of Finn Newsome s mom On one side she believes her dad is a good person, but on the other side isn t sure of what to believe any She talks about on page 35 how it s harder than I could have ever imagined to read the newspaper and listen to the news to hear his name She is referring to all the publicity her father is getting for the killing of Finn s step mother She wants to believe that her father is a good person like how she states on page 19 how he said he wasn t proud of himself, but he was already proud of me and he knew I was going places This shows how Lila s dad wasn t proud of his actions but wanted the best for his little girl Lila

Finn discovered his mother s corpse when he was seven years old Ten years later he looks out of his bedroom window to see his stepmother shot, and he is later told it was by the same man who admitted to killing his biological mother While coping a second time with something most people are lucky enough not to experience a first time, he also deals with befriending Lila whom he later learns to be the daughter of the killer.
This fictional first person told story alternates between Finn and Lila s perspectives which is different from many stories The story unfolds through the individual thought processes of Finn and Lila, but the dialogue is slightly limited for that reason The author Norah McClintock tries to mount suspense, but perhaps I The reason why this book got so much attention is because of the title Guilty The reason why is because it s a weird title The author of this book is Norah Mcclintock she is from Canada She was born in 1952 and she died in 2 6 17 She lived in Montreal Canada She was a member of the Canadian Society of Children s Authors This author has a lot of different books This book is a fiction book It does not belong to a series This book is not that long but you need to focus when you read it The book is written in a remarkable language The group that should read this book are middle schoolers or high schoolers.
If you get scared easily you should not read that book What happened first Finn s mother died 10 years ago Now Finn s step mother died The same person killed both so Who is that Lila s father died to around the same time Finn

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