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á Glasslands (Halo, #8) ☆ Download by ☆ Karen Traviss The first thing that I should mention is that I will have to re read Ghosts of Onyx I had started reading the book, but had taken a rather long break midway through When I went back to it, I picked up where I left off instead of going back to the beginning That said, I enjoyed how Glasslands was connected to Ghosts of Onyx.
I thoroughly enjoyed the different viewpoints of characters, thoserecognizable than others and even ones introduced in the book or that I simply don t remember reading from the previous six Halo books The continuation of how Ghosts of Onyx ended was very interesting, as was reading portions of the fallout of the end of the Human Covenant war Definitely worth reading, especially if you enjoyed Ghosts of Onyx.
At first I found it difficult to feel invested or interested in the Sangheili portions 4 stars for the stuff with Kilo five, 2 stars for the stuff with Halsey 3 stars.
Halo Glasslands is billed, or was when I first came across it, as a bridge between Halo 3 and the upcoming Halo 4 It is also a sequel Eric Nylund s Ghosts of Onyx a fact I didn t know As a result there are some pretty steep prerequisites for Glasslands name you have played Halo 3 not unlikely if you are reading a Halo novel and have read Ghosts of Onyx A working knowledge of Halo Reach might also be beneficial All that being said if you don t have a strong working knowledge of the Halo universe, past and present, Glasslands is going to be an impenetrable night mare I barely match these requirements so this novel was close to a stre Honestly painful for me to read The whole book seems completely forced, from the interactions between the characters, to the aside comments from their thoughts, to their ensuing actions Towards the end, I just skipped the small parts comments which I knew were going to be generic or repetitive that had to do with what the characters were feeling or thinking, because it was all under the same basic idea Either How can I face what I have done What is left to humanity What will they think of me How can I go on living this way Or anything else along those lines.
Even though sometimes those inside their heads comments might have been appropriate, she used them relentlessly and mostly unnecessarily, to awkwardly force what she wanted into the book Although this book is almost completely built on the concept of morality, Karen appa Now THIS is how you start a trilogy Heck,than that THIS is how you write a Halo novel.
I won t spend that muchtime bagging on Greg Bear s Forerunner Saga, since a I ve already spent 3 reviews doing my fair share of that, and b life s too short That being said man, what a refreshing change of pace Glasslands is from the stilted, emotionally disengaged nature of Bear s novels I can t begin to emphasize how nice it is to read a book that has a clear plot, characters that are easy to relate to and care about, and actual narrative momentum or, as they re also known as, the basic tenants of good storytelling It s also just a real kick being able to dig into the Halo universe, post Halo 3, and see what this world and mythology looks like through a non Covenant War lens Karen Traviss does a great job of telling a singular story that s satisfying on its own, picking up threads f For reasons that are beyond me, I cannot understand why the people at Microsoft and 343i would sign a contract with an author who had gained notoriety after her work on Star Wars I ll give credit where credit is due, and that is her work in Halo Evolutions and Republic Commandos Hard Contact have their strong points but there s nothing special about them.
Glasslands was effectively the shattering of established Halo lore, created by Nylund, Staten and Buckell Further, the sound concept was poorly executed Keeping an enemy destabilised is one thing, but to do it to a newfound ally is another thing True that said ally played a huge roll in wiping out a number of Earth s colonies, but that ally still retains ample amounts of power So that is something that is considered as a sound concept in my eyes.
This could ve been turned into

Better That s the word I have for this novel It s better than its predecessors forerunners hahaha and also better than Traviss Star Wars novels Her writing is tighter and her characters havedepth Her stories were always addictive, don t get me wrong, but this one was closer to well done as opposed to entertaining Her pacing was spot on, actually There wasn t a lot of action in this novel, but I didn t mind that I really enjoyed the small cast of characters and the background into Sangheili culture That being said, she tended to repeat herself QUITE often about how the Sangheili were a warrior culture under the command of the Prophets for so long that they can t maintain their own properties any Traviss must have reiterated said point like thirty times Same with her AIs BB was great He was hilarious at times and his own personality actually grew as th It wasn t bad, but it was no Fall of Reach I realllllllly enjoyed Karen Traviss work with the Star Wars Republic Commando series, and I m frustrated that George Lucas is such a money grubbing asshole because her work on Mandalorian culture was top notch world building.
Halo Glasslands takes place after Halo 3 after Ghosts of Onyx It picks up with Catherine Halsey and Chief Mendez and various leftover Spartan IIs and Spartan IIIs trapped in a Forerunner Dyson sphere Also introduced is a team of ODSTs and their ONI spook commander with a particular pastThe novel attempts to fill in gaps in Spartan history and re create an image of the bureaucracy and human affairs that have gone on during the time from pre first contact to post Covenant War Traviss strength in the Republic Commando series came from the personal interactions of the characters There she was writing about soldiers that I was really hoping for muchfrom this I had enjoyed all the previous Halo books, but this was lacking I though the overall story was ok and the characters were interesting, but nothing really happened It was introspective and dealt with the aftermath of the war, but I wasn t really interested in psychological evaluation in a book based on a video game Still I d have given it a better score, maybe even up to three stars, but the book the ends with a cliff hanger and seems to set up aaction oriented story It felt like I read an entire book just to read what could have been an intro to the next book that will come out.
This review contains some spoilers, as well as some venting You ve been forewarned.
I have played every single Halo game ever produced.
I have been invested in the Halo community and universe for a full decade.
I have read and owned over a dozen Halo novels.
And out of all that, I have NEVER beencompletely infuriated at any piece of lore than I was when I read this book.
To be fair, I had been skeptical, yet cautiously optimistic going into this I had heard rumors that Traviss had done some tampering with previously established characters and their behavior, but I dismissed them as exaggeration Quite the opposite, I discovered that they were a complete understatement of how much Karen Travesty has completely trashed one of the single greatest characters produced by the Halo universe, Dr Catherine Halsey.
In all previous novels, Halsey is shown The Covenant Has Collapsed After A Long, Brutal War That Saw Billions Slaughtered On Earth And Her Colonies For The First Time In Decades, However, Peace Finally Seems Possible But Though The Fighting S Stopped, The War Is Far From Over It S Just Gone Underground The UNSC S Feared And Secretive Office Of Naval Intelligence Recruits Kilo Five, A Team Of ODSTs, A Spartan, And A Diabolical AI To Accelerate The Sangheili Insurrection Meanwhile, The Arbiter, The Defector Turned Leader Of A Broken Covenant, Struggles To Stave Off Civil War Among His Divided PeopleAcross The Galaxy, A Woman Thought To Have Died On Reach Is Actually Very Much Alive Chief Scientist Dr Catherine Halsey Broke Every Law In The Book To Create The Spartans, And Now She S Broken Some To Save Them Marooned With Chief Mendez And A Spartan Team In A Forerunner Slipspace Bubble Hidden In The Destroyed Planet Onyx, She Finds That The Shield World Has Been Guarding An Ancient Secret A Treasure Trove Of Forerunner Technology That Will Change Everything For The UNSC And MankindAs Kilo Five Joins The Hunt For Halsey, Humanity S Violent Past Begins To Catch Up With All Of Them As Disgruntled Colony Venezia Has Been Biding Its Time To Strike At Earth, And Its Most Dangerous Terrorist Has An Old, Painful Link With Both Halsey And Kilo Five That Will Test Everyone S Loyalty To The Limit Halo Glasslands By Karen Traviss Is Thrilling, Action Packed Science Fiction That Longtime Halo Fans And Newcomers Alike Will Enjoy

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