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✓ Read å Hana to Akuma, Vol. 05 by Hisamu Oto Þ see full review Katie s Corner Ten Years Ago Bibi, The Demon, Decided To Leave The Demon Realm And Come To The Human World There He Found An Abandoned Baby And On A Whim Decided To Keep It Since Then He Lives Together With Hanabut Having A Year Old Girl Around You, Is It Really That Simple I wonder what will happen when Hana grows up It seems like Vivi has many confusing feeling but he can t stay away from her.
It is a great book to read English translation The Demon King is funny and manipulative, and I almost feel sorry for him.

Hana udah mulai sekolah Di sekolah barunya, Hana sekelas sama Tomo si penjual bunga Vivi dan Velten nyamar jadi guru di sekolah itu untuk melindungi Hana dari raja iblis Kehadiran Vivi dan Velten mengundang perhatian para siswi, yak karena mereka berdua cakep banget Salah satu temen sekelas Hana naksir Vivi Temennya gak tau kalo sesungguhnya Hana sangat menyayangi Vivi Waduh Hana, punya saingan berat nih.
This volume had little interesting going on It reverted to being semi platonic story of a young lady who loves flower and got taken care of by a 200 year old demon of high rank and just that But well, the last chapter of this volume, somehow made me hope that the chapters ahead won t disappoint me again.

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