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[Steve Neal] Ê Happy Days Are Here Again: The 1932 Democratic Convention, the Emergence of FDR--and How America Was Changed Forever [international PDF] Ebook Epub Download ë I bought the paperback edition of this book from booksale last year for just twenty 20 Pesos Yes, really It is an interesting account of the 1932 Democratic Party National Convention It was interesting to know that President Franklin Roosevelt s nomination as the party s candidate was not easy and was not quickly in the bag It involved a lot of negotiation, haggling or even bribery , persuasion, and creativity to persuade delegates and notable figures to throw their support behind Roosevelt.
Although it was a decent narrative of President Roosevelt s rise to the American presidency and a brief pass of his four terms, I could not help but notice that it was all praises for Roosevelt But then, I noticed that the author This was a great book that focused on the 1932 Democratic National Convention where FDR won the nomination for president The book focuses not only on FDR but all the other contenders that have long been lost in history which is one of the reasons why I liked this book In addition to all the interesting facts and research, there were a great deal of pictures to bring the convention and the people involved to life.
I definitely recommend this to anyone who is interested in American politics and FDR.
If you are looking for a book about the rise of Franklin D Roosevelt to his nomination in the Democratic Convention in 1932, you will be thoroughly disappointed with this book In fact, if you are looking for anything about FDR and his run to becoming president in this book you will be disappointed Happy Days Are Here Again is about how broken up the Democratic Party was at the time and all of the various candidates that were running against FDR This book goes much in depth about the other candidates and their policies, which helps paint a picture of all of the different platforms within the democrats at the time, but fails to really delve that much into FDR s In addition, because of all of the different candidates in the running, the book gets very convoluted with all of the

Having enjoyed Steve Neal s bio of Wendell Willkie, I thought I would give this book a shot I was not disappointed The narrative is tight, insightful and captures the tension and excitement of the behind the scenes maneuvering that put FDR over the top on the fourth ballot Although to the modern reader some of the major political players of the time may seem like corrupt buffoons Cermak, Huey Long , the truth is that as strange as it may seem, the political process of power games and compromise was likely to lead to action than the mess we have in Washington today This is an insightful book about political process in general as well as a very good period piece of a challenging time in American history.
Author Steve Neal brings yesterday into today as he presents intricate details of how Franklin Delano Roosevelt won the Democratic Party nomination in 1932 Even though FDR possessed a clear majority of votes over his rivals, party rules at that time required that a candidate must receive two thirds of the votes from attendees at the 1932 Democratic Convention in Chicago Roosevelt faced the possibility of not being able to gather the necessity votes on the opening ballots, thus opening up the splintering of his support and allowing the nomination to slip to another.
The author describes each potential presidential candidate in depth, and meticulously sketches a thorough picture of the political scene in 1932 We are privy to many of the battles, both public and priv CompellingThis time in the history of a young child and her and her siblings survival was sad and shocking Her tenacity and will is so well written that I envisioned her struggles and triumphs along the way Historically speaking, I was informed humanly speaking, I was touched.
I really enjoyed this book It moved slowly at times, but I learned so much about the ins and outs of the 1932 Democratic convention Many of the contenders mentioned are famous, but this book gave some insight to their positions I also liked that the author included details about Roosevelt s flight to Chicago to accept the nomination Flying is so commonplace now that it is easy to forget that it could be dangerous, especially for a man who had just won the nomination It was a visible sign of FDR s willingness to take on whatever was needed.
I would certainly recommend this book if you are interested in the politics of the time It wasn t always noble, but it produced a result that made history.
Political Conventions In Years Past Were Than Pep Rallies For Preselected Candidates They Were Suspenseful, No Holds Barred Battles For The Nomination In , Franklin Delano Roosevelt, The Man Who Would Become One Of America S Most Beloved Presidents, Was Far From A Shoo In For The Democratic Nomination At The Party S Convention In Chicago Using New Sources Of Information, Award Winning Reporter Steve Neal Weaves The Compelling Story Of How FDR Finally Got The Nod Along With The Personalities Of The Day Who Influenced The Decision, Including Joseph P Kennedy, Al Smith, Huey Long, And William Randolph Hearst This is very readable, enjoyable history of the Democratic Party s Presidential nominating convention in 1932 As becomes obvious through the course of the book, FDR s nomination was no sure thing Neal takes the reader through the build up to the convention and the convention itself The high points of this book for me were the descriptions and mini biographies of all of the key players I was generally aware of most of the names, but knew very little about most of them This isn t a 5 star book in my opinion largely because Neal goes a small bit overboard in describing the blow by blow of the convention itself Of course, despite this, the book isn t too long and, as I indicated above, is highly readable.
this is an excellent account of the 1932 Democratic Convention The first half of the book has chapter length sketches of the major players, many names lost to history The second half of the book deals with the wrangling and intrigue in getting FDR nominated, far from a foregone conclusion What if McAdoo of California had not made it to the convention hall in time after his limo ran out of gas on the streets on Chicago hmmm

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