Ö Harlem Renaissance: Five Novels of the 1920s: Cane / Home to Harlem / Quicksand / Plum Bun / The Blacker the Berry ¶ Download by ↠´ Rafia Zafar

Ö Harlem Renaissance: Five Novels of the 1920s: Cane / Home to Harlem / Quicksand / Plum Bun / The Blacker the Berry ¶ Download by ↠´ Rafia Zafar See my reviews of the individual works collected in this volume One unfortunate feature of this Library of American volume is the rather too frequent lapses in copy editing there are several obvious textual errors that acareful editorial process should have caught and corrected.
Very short novels, some poetry Mostly about the North and New York but some about the South and other cities Jean Toomer s Cane is the best of the five The best line A closed lid is my soul s flesh eye I have some of the stories mixed in my mind but in several it is definitely the jazz age and life is a party Jazz and the blues are both prohibited in some places and they were both danced to There is a lot of drinking and there are kept men Best line from Home to Harlem by Claude McKay Nobody kaint hand me no fairy tales about niggers Wese all much of a muchness when you get down to the real stuff Issues raised 1 ordinary people and intellectuals 2 prejudice based on darkness of skin 3 the good life vs home and family I won Home to Harlem McKay s book is beautifully written, capturing the language and feel of the 1919 Harlem nightclub scene The book celebrates a life of passion and the senses The main character, Jake, lives such a life doing what he wants to do when he wants to but without being an immoral libertine and minimally exploiting others McKay, and the character Ray, admire Jake s easy acceptance of his natural desires and his lack of captivity to them This is contrasted to Ray who iseducated,thoughtful and soconstrained,conflicted, and less comfortable with himself Jake is also contrasted to the other characters who are carried away by their passions, or their passions lead them into self destructive ways The problem with this approach for me is that Jake is not realistic He s a man all women want to be with, and all men want to be, as the expression goes If we say he s realistic, What a wonderful collection from The Library of America This volume contained Cane by Jean Toomer Home to Harlem by Claude McKay Quicksand by Nella Larsen Plum Bun by Jessie Redmon Fauset and The Blacker the Berry by Wallace Thurman As reading all five of these novels in a row would a be a bit depressing, I have reviewed each of these novels separately This collection truly is outstanding there s not a clinker in the group I m not sure what I was expecting from this collection, but I was really amazed by the focus on color and the many shades of black affected the characters across all five novels I think I enjoyed Home to Harlem and The Blacker the Berry the most of the five due to their descriptions of the Harlem clubs and Note I only read Home to Harlem in this compilation as part of the 2017 Book Riot read Harder Challenge.
I picked it up, I set it aside, I picked it up, I set it aside, and, finally, I picked it up and said to myself Just finish it already I am not a student of Harlem literature or culture I readily admit that I picked this up only to satisfy a reading challenge goal classic by author of color And, in the end, I can only say It was okay I felt like most of the story did not dig deep enough The only exception was Ray s recollection of Jerco and Rosalind That story within a story delved below the surface and got into the level of detail and description I longed for.
This volume includes Jean Toomer s CANE, Claude McKay s HOME TO HARLEM, Nella Larsen s QUICKSAND, Jessie Redman Fausset s PLUM BUN, and Wallace Thurman s THE BLACKER THE BERRY What struck me most about these books is the degree of color consciousnesss among blacks themselves Two of the books Larsen and Rausset focus on the experience of a mulatto and passing, and all of the complications these entail CANE is probably the most creative, including short stories and poetry, mostly set in the South HOME TO HARLEM describes the exciting life, mostly night life, in Harlem but eventually exposes it as empty, not providing stability for the lives of those living there This volume provides a good cross section of Harlem Renaissance literature.
The Novels Of The Harlem Renaissance Form A Vibrant Collective Portrait Of African American Culture In A Moment Of Tumultuous Change And Tremendous Hope In Some Places The Autumn OfMay Have Been An Unremarkable Season, Wrote Arna Bontemps In Harlem It Was Like A Foretaste Of Paradise Harlem Renaissance Five Novels Of The S Leads Off With Jean Toomer S Cane, A Unique Fusion Of Fiction, Poetry, And Drama Rooted In Toomer S Experiences As A Teacher In Georgia Toomer S Masterpiece Was Followed Within A Few Years By A Cluster Of Novels Exploring Black Experience And The Dilemmas Of Black Identity In A Variety Of Modes And From Different AnglesClaude McKay S Home To Harlem, Whose Freewheeling, Impressionistic, Bawdy Kaleidoscope Of Jazz Age Nightlife Made It A Best Seller, Traces The Picaresque Adventures Of Jake, A World War I Veteran, Within And Beyond HarlemNella Larsen S Quicksand, Is A Poignant, Nuanced Psychological Portrait Of A Woman Caught Between The Two Worlds Of Her Mixed Scandinavian And African American HeritageJessie Redmon Fauset S Plum Bun, Is The Richly Detailed Account Of A Young Art Student S Struggles To Advance Her Career In A Society Full Of Obstacles Both Overt And Insidiously ConcealedWallace Thurman S The Blacker The Berry, Is An Anguished, Provocative Look At Prejudice And Exclusion As It Tells Of A New Arrival In Harlem Searching For LoveEach In Its Distinct Way Testifies To The Enduring Power Of The Harlem FermentOften Controversial In Their Own Day For Opening Up New Realms Of Subject Matter Including Intergenerational Conflict And Color Prejudice Within The African American Community And Language Infusing A Wealth Of Argot And Previously Unheard Voices Into American Fiction , These Novels Continue To Surprise By Their Passion, Their Unblinking Observation, Their Lively Play Of Ideas, And Their Irreverent Humor

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