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[ Read Online Headache (Bellyache, #2) å rwanda PDF ] by Crystal Marcos Í Headache the Hair Raising Sequel to Bellyache is a wonderful tale of facing your fears and working together In this second installment we watch Peter and Lina develop courage to defeat the evil Goaltan drawing on the knowledge and lessons they have learned on their trip to Maple town, along with Nana s memories of her visit to Honeyville I absolutely love the imagery in this book I wish I could visit the toy shop, to play around in edible foam, ride one floor up on a pogo stick and sit at a glow in the dark drink bar, to sample a sarparilla drilla, served so cold that it comes with a drill The Candonite children were adorable and one would have to have great self control not to be tempted to eat one of them I loved the ending and Papa s new sweet shop is so delightful I wish I could visit it in a certain famous theme park in the future.
A delightfully innoc I adored Bellyache and was delighted when Crystal Marcos offered to send me a copy of Headache, book two, for review when it came out With the craziness of finals and then getting sick twice in the same month, I wasn t able to get to Headache until now sad face.
I cannot express enough how delightful the Bellyache books are From the first book, Peter and Lina captured my heart with their brave souls and willingness to go into the heart of danger and evil in order to save their Candonite friends This time around, the story takes place on Earth, where Peter and Lina have returned, their Candonite friends with them and the evil Peblars too Now, Angela and Joe the Candonites must work with Peter and Lina to send the Peblars back to their world, or there will be no sweets in town and the Peblars will enslave Peter and Lina in revenge.
As I mentioned in my last review, the Bellyache books a When Peter Fisher Sets Out For School One Morning, He Has No Idea That Trouble Is Stirring In His Hometown With The Unexpected Arrival Of His New Candonite Friends From Maple Town, Peter And Lina Have Extra Help Saving Their Beloved Town And Loved Ones From The Clutches Of The One Villain They Had Hoped They Would Never See Again Humorous And Thought Provoking, This Unforgettably Entertaining Story Teaches A Valuable Lesson About Standing Up And Facing One S Fears This review consists of two parts 1 My daughter s review she s 9 and 2 My review the Mom These are excerpts For the full review visit us at our website SAYS What I liked and disliked about it I liked the whole, whole, whole book It was awesome, cool, and funny My favorite parts were when Angela and Joe were looking for Peter and they disguised themselves so nobody would notice that they were made out of candy I liked that we find out that Peter s neighbor, Mr Rupert, had a secret cellar in his house It was a cool hiding spot.
Nana didn t say that she went to Maple Town in the first book, but in the second book she says she went to Honeyville, so she had been to that world, just a different town That didn t surprise me because I kind of had a feeling that she had Headache The Hair Raising Sequel by Crystal Marcos is highly recommend for those children who love to use their imagination I have not read Bellyache, but after reading Headache I would not hesitate to read Bellyache.
The story Headache takes place on earth despite the main characters being aliens, which are sweets No I don t mean sweet as in cool or awesome I mean sweets as in gum drops and cup cakes LOL Now for me it took a while to wrap my head around these walking around and talking in all seriousness of being afraid of humans and our pets But once you let go of your practical ness you can actually feel the frightening situations these two characters get in and their very humorous ways they get themselves out of them.
No sooner did I find myself having fun Peter has just returned from an amazing adventure, and things are now back to normal Or are they As Peter heads off to school for an uneventful day, he has no idea the Candonite children Joe and Angela have followed him to his home town, and they aren t the only ones to show up The adventure continues as the villain they thought they had escaped and hoped to never see again has come to their home town.
Award winning author Crystal Marcos has done it again Join Peter and Lina in this wonderful adventure Filled with fantastic imagery and great characters, you ll read page after page on the edge of your seat to find out how things turn out Will Peter find the strength to save his friends and family Will he be able to send Joe and Angela home and the villain back where he belongs Entertaining and humorous, this wonderful story teaches a great lesson abou What a sweeeet read Anyone who hasn t read BELLYACHE A Delicious Tale, needs to get a hold of that book and follow that up with HEADACHE Headache picked up right where Bellyache ended, and throughout the pages everything is tied together so wonderfully you d think they were written together As the second book, this continues the tale of Peter and his friend Lina and their adventures with the candonite people Who are the Candonites you ask People made out of candyyyyyneed I say yes me and food are one they need to save their town from the horrible Peblars rotten candy.
I was totally glued to this hair raising sequel I absolutely LOVE this book, it s full of action and adventure my kind of read.
I d definitely recommend it to others both children and adults , it also makes the perfect group read like in a classroom.
Crystal I hope you aren t stopping In HEADACHE The Hair Raising Sequel to BELLYACHE, Crystal Marcos once again lures readers with her imagination and creativity Peter and Lina s adventure with the Candonites continues only this time the Candonite children, Joe and Angela, have been transported to Peter s world Joe and Anglea end up in Peter s grandfather s candy store and are alarmed to see the miniature edible versions of themselves Once they realize where they are they create disguises and set out to search for Peter They are certain he will help them get back to Maple Town However, after Joe and Angela locate Peter they discover another problem Goaltan and the Peblars have been transported too Goaltan is on a mission to find Peter and Lina and destroy anything and anyone that gets in his way.
Can Peter and Lina defeat Goaltan and the Peblar

This was a cute, adventurous children story Although I haven t read the first book to this sequel, it provided a glimpse to the generality of what went on Which was, Peter and Lina were transported to a fantasy candy land called, Maple Town, where they meet and befriend Candonite characters They had an adventurous experience there They later return back home Unbeknownst to Peter and Lina, a couple of their Candonite friends, Joe and Angela, got transported too including the evil Goaltan and his minions, the Peblars So this is where this book comes in.
Joe and Angela searches for Peter in hopes that he can help them get back home to Maple Town Then come to find out that the gang Peter, Lina, Joe, and Angela will have to work together again to fight Goaltan and the Peblars This time around, Peter and Lina s families get involve and we the readers find out a secret The story continues with My granddaughter enjoyed this book and the author was kind enough to include her previous book in the series as well Recommend Crystal Marcos web page too Fun for young readers and writers.

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