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[ Pdf Hearthkeeper × theatre PDF ] by Cordelia Kingsbridge × Enjoyable beyond words L O V E D it Not started yet, will do asap Bored And Frustrated By The Role Society Has Trapped Him In, Julian Sharpe Searches For Any Way To Break The Tedium But When He S Blackmailed By The Gallevan Intelligence Service Into Spying On His Wealthy Husband, Jules Life Gets A Little Too InterestingRating NC Warnings BDSM Dynamics, Both Healthy And Unhealthy Impact Play Erotic Humiliation Promiscuity Cultural Non Monogamy Substance Abuse DependenceWords Complete Whew, this was fun A special thank you to the person who gifted me a copy of this since it s been pulled from archive of our own You know who you are I didn t know where this was going and I will admit to having my doubts, but it was great Nothing is like it seems, wellsome things are for sure, but they didn t go the way I was expecting and that s good Not going to give away spoilers but I think the ending was pretty satisfactory Not a real spoiler view spoiler I did have a question about Henry and Julian s relationship and Julian and Keaton s relationship Is the plan for J to still sleep with Keaton after everything happened hide spoiler Most of my friends already know how freaking much I love this book because I literally can t shut up about it I ve reread this a lot and I ll definitely keep rereading this in the coming years.
I don t know exactly why this is one of my absolute favourites.
In fact I can totally see why this would be a total miss for many people the premise is weird at best and problematic at worst, the likeability of the characters is questionable, the ending while not bad isn t traditionally happy, the list goes on.
I m going to try to pin down at lest part of why I loveHearthkeeperso much The story and world ofHearthkeeperis so deeply layered that I m not sure how much I can truly say without spoiling.
Here s the basic gist Jules is utterly trapped in his life by an unhappy marriage and the social role society put him in Sex and drugs are his only way to cope, but then he is approached by the Strong elements, but a bit inconsistent overall Big thanks to my weekly BR group of awesomeness.
2 7 15 So, this is a free, online WIP First installment is 2 chapters and we re intro d to the MC s Julian Jules and his hubby, Henry They are married and live in a flashy penthouse with Henry s daughter Cecilia.
This is supposed to be a modern day AU and the only indication so far of this is the total acceptance of same sex marriage And the mystery of the heart lighter vs Hearthkeeper dynamic updates on a weekly basis rating withheld for now

This free original online fic is now complete Loved finding a new chapter every week, and getting caught up in Jules double life well, really a double, double life.
He s one smart cookie, but such a flawed damaged one too The world building here is detailed and explains clearly why Jules has the issues he does.
Loved Keaton Loved how it ended Loved it all.
Another awesome 5 STAR buddy read with the Usual Suspects This story had high points and hit the doldrums, too Interesting character study for Julian, the MC He was so isolated, self involved and wallowing in it when he gets pulled out of it unwillingly by Keaton Julian becomes , to himself, to his husband, to his family and his country by the end of it Unfortunately, it dragged in spots and other parts you wished were developed for a fuller picture With better pacing and stronger world building this would have been a homerun Still could be with editing Overall, entertaining if a bit inconsistent in spots.
Favorite quote I don t need further proof of your capabilities, Keaton said You re the one who needs convincing.
An excellent AU from Cordelia Kingsbridge with some great world building Hearthlighters are firstborns and considered superior to their spouses, the Hearthkeepers Jules doesn t fit the mould for a Hearthkeeper and wishes for fulfillment in his pampered privileged life This comes in the form of Keaton, a GIS agent, who blackmails him into spying on his husband Henry.

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