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↠´ Read ¿ Hell Phone by William Sleator ¿ For a short, simple, POLITE summary of my feelings on this book Be back at a later date to explain why Later date Wow, it s been a loooooooong time since a book has actually infuriated me, or insulted my intelligence But here we go.
So let me summarize what exactly happens in the book SPOILERS, okay Nick is our teenage protagonist, who s an underdog He s poor, lives in a trailer with his single mother who works long hours, he works a job too, works hard in school to get good grades, eats nothing but noodles at home, is kind and responsible, and is dating Jen who is the worst girlfriend ever, but we ll get to that in a minute , who comes from an upper class family where the mother does not approve of her dating Nick, because she s one of those nasty bigots who blames children for being born into poverty Now Nick buys a used cell phone that turns out to be haunted, and some Although a big fan of Sleator s I was not impressed with this book It reminded me of a horror film, where you keep shouting, no, don t do that, and they do it anyway and the inevitable happens.
A Murder Story With A Devilish TwistNick Wants A Cell Phone So He Can Talk To His Girlfriend, Jen, After School, But He Doesn T Have A Lot Of Money The Used Phone He Buys Seems Like A Bargain, Until The Phone Calls Begin Strangers Calling Night And Day, Some Begging For Help, Others Making Demands Nick Wants To Get Rid Of The Phone, But Something Prevents Him, And, Soon He Finds Himself Committing Crimes Stealing, Conningd Killing This book was an excellent read If you love thriller suspenceful readings then you will love this book Its a page tuner so you might want to make sure that you have plenty of time set aside to read it Hell Phone by William Sleator I would rate this book a 3.
9 and the reason for that is because the author doesn t go much into the life of Nick and that annoys me because if I had knownabout Nick I could ve understood the story and why he had to go such high lengths to save a woman even though he was warned not to help them I never stopped reading the book because it kept dragging me in and in, the parts that kept keeping me into the book were the plot twist because it had a bunch of scenes where it would surprise you to see that this character was with that character and that this character was actually with this character, so the book had a lot of plot twist and a lot of parts that would surprise me in many ways Willia Reviewed by Karin Perry for TeensReadToo.
comAll Nick wanted was a cell phone so he could talk to his girlfriend, Jen, in the evenings What he got was a nightmare he would have never imagined Nick s mother, who works hard every day, usually from daylight to sometime in the night, doesn t earn enough money to keep much food in the house, much less afford to keep the phone turned on Nick works almost every day himself in the hospital cafeteria after school and has saved up money to buy a cell phone After school one day, before he headed to work, Nick rode his bike to a store that was advertising used cell phones on a flyer he received in the mail Once he walked in, Nick noticed that there weren t many phones on display that looked like they d be cheap enough for him to buy He only had fifty dollars for the phone I m almost ashamed to say that I read this book because I was falling behind on my goodreads goal for the year, and I saw this at the library and thought it would be a quick read to boost me up It turned out to be an alright read There was a lot of focus on the class system poor boy who lives in a trailer with his mum is going out with a beautiful rich girl To keep in contact with her, the boy buys a cheap, used cell phone The phone is strang some of it s features are disabled and it is sold for an unusually low price There is just one thing that I would like to point out caller ID is not a standard feature on all phones You have to pay extra to get caller ID Everyone in this book seemed to think that it was normally a given that comes with the most basic, pay as you go phones No It s a pain in the ass that can cost something ridiculous like 7 month to ge

From Follett Destiny Seventeen year old Nick buys a used cell phone only to call his girlfriend, but strange and desperate people keep calling one of them a denizen of Hell begging for or demanding his help Not impressed Another amazing book by William Sleator I hate when books take forever to get into the story, but this isn t the case with Hell Phone I couldn t put it down The first couple chapters had me actually scared, something so far no Stephen King book could do It was interesting and entertaining, but I wish there was a longer detailed ending to it, or I wish there had been a follow up, but sadly I suppose that won t happen now R.
P William SleatorI ve yet to read a bad book by him.
In my opinion this was the stupidest book ever, and I usually like everything I couldn t ever get past chapter 1 The scenario was just strange.
and I can t even really put my finger on it, it was just one of those books shrugs

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