↠´ Her Colton P.I. (The Coltons of Texas, #5) ☆ Download by ☆ Amelia Autin

↠´ Her Colton P.I. (The Coltons of Texas, #5) ☆ Download by ☆ Amelia Autin Chris Colton, private investigator If that was all you knew about the man, what would your perception be based on that alone Would it be accurate Would you think of him in a negative or positive way Let s face it, there have been some pretty sleazy private eyes in the world of fiction in the past So his occupation doesn t necessarily reflect his character What if I told you he d been in the foster care system Then what I ve read books about the horrors of foster care and the way certain people came out worse than when they went in Well, what if I tell you Chis s father was a serial killer currently behind bars for his crimes Still skeptical I was too until I started reading his story There are so many layers to Chris and little by little, as the story unfolds, we get to see those layers peeled away and learn j Another excellent book in a great series.
Have enjoyed all of these books.

This book is so damn good that giving away a snippet of the story will cost you the thrill of this story itself So I m going to keep the mystery of this rollercoaster ride of a story and let you find out all about the danger lurking between the pages yourself All I ll say is that Amelia Autin takes you on an edge of your seat journey in her latest Harlequin Romantic Suspense Her Colton P.
, which happens to be the fifth book in the Coltons of Texas multi author continuity series With well developed characters whose lives are interspersed with danger and drama this is a book to be in your hot little hands I couldn t put it down The suspense killed me I had to know what happened next so I kept on reading And gosh, Ms Autin didn t disappoint The climax and the ending were spot on Well done Highly Recommended5 Stars I have really enjoyed this series Each book in the The Coltons of Texas series is a stand alone, so you can read them out of order In the series you have several things going on There is a Alphabet killer, that the family of Colton s, the Police, and FBI are attempting to find, and arrest The Colton family was all separated when the kids were young, placing them in different foster homes The father was a serial killer, and killed their mom He has been in prison for many years Only one of the brothers has visited him Now the old man is dying The only way he can get his kids to see him, is to give each on a clue as to where he buried their mother They all want to find her, and give her a funeral, and final resting place In this book Chris was hired by Evalinda, and Angus McCay to find Holly, and their twi Chris is a strong hero set within an engaging story Autin fills this Coltons of Texas novel with tender moments 4 stars RT Book Reviews.
Miniseries I will admit that I am have not read this series in chronological order but I have fallen absolutely in love with the story of Chris and Holly and those little twin boys of hers The love may have been sudden for me but it felt enough I am also loving the whole plot twist with the alphabet killer and I cannot wait to see how it goes SPOILER ALERT I was so happy to finally see the Colton clan reunited with baby sister Josie I m already anticipating her own story so I cannot wait for that book to come out I would like to see the Colton clan finally be able to find their mother s body to put her to rest and I know the next author will not let me down when it comes to this series I m already waiting for the next story and I might just have to read this series from the very beginning.
A quick, straightforward romance No thinking involved in this one.
I received this book for free as part of a first reads promotion A Private Investigator Tracks A Mysterious Widowed Mother Of Twins In The Next Gripping Installment Of The Coltons Of Texas Series Raised In Foster Care Apart From His Six Siblings, PI Chris Colton Knows What It S Like To Be Separated From Family So When A Kindly Older Couple Hires Him To Find Their Son S Gold Digging Widow Who Ran Off With Her Twin Toddlers, Chris Won T Rest Until Holly McCay Is Held Accountable But He Quickly Discovers That His Employers Are Out To Get Holly And They Ll Eliminate Anyone Standing In Their Way Including The Brave Woman And Sweet Little Boys The Investigator Turned Bodyguard Has Come To Think Of As His Own Now I want to find out what s gone on with the other Coltons

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