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[ Read Online Her Surprise Sister · geoffrey-chaucer PDF ] by Marta Perry æ I got a free copy of this book via Netgalley in exchange of an honest review This and other reviews can be found on my blog His heart recognized what his love would look like, but not knowing there was two he proposed to the wrong twin in my opinion this is a rather silly story, with superficial characters and too much going on in the background So much is hinted at that it s obvious a lengthy series is started and the story suffers from it by getting rather shallow The written language is good though, and the investigation credible.
Amanda s review posted on Guilty PleasuresHer Surprise Sister by Marta Perry was a delightful read and I thoroughly enjoyed it It is a Love Inspired book, which I had no clue what that meant, but I thought what an interesting premise about twins and decided to try it Without sounding preachy and in your face that God is the answer, it did show me that I am not that far off with my own approach to prayer and a God filled life The heroine in the story Violet Colby is a hard working, church attending person and has been dealt a horrible blow when her mother is in an accident and is now in a coma from a head injury Her only sibling Jack feels guilty for causing the argument with their mother before the accident and is of little support to Violet Violet doesn t know what to do and has her fleeing home to Right from the start this book became a page turner, but I will have to read some books for all the answers.
Violet Colby s Mom is in a coma after being injured in a horse ridding accident.
she had just had a fight with her brother Jack Her brother had wanted information about his Dad We find Violet in Fort Worth TXlooking for information on their Dad What happens could only be with God looking out for herI can t even imagine Putting myself in her placeafter all those yearsfinding out she has a sisterand identical at that We find out that Violet and Maddie were infants when the family broke upbut even amazing is that there are another set of twins We don t find out any answers, but keep reading Belle, Violets and Jack s Mom doesn t come out of her coma, and their Dad has no Her Surprise Sister reviewNot Surprise Sister is the sweet first book in the Texas Twins series written by author Marta Perry It s a nice clean romance.
Nice story really got my attention in the beginning, but as it went on I found myself skimming and losing interest because I wasn t finding the answers to the questions that it left lingering around in the end So you are still left wondering why.
Imagine Her Shock When Violet Colby Discovers She Has An Identical Twin Sister She Never Knew Existed Why Her Family Was Torn Apart Remains A Secret No One Can Answer YetHoping To Develop A Sisterly Bond, Violet Invites Her Sophisticated City Twin To The Colby Ranch In Tiny Grasslands, Texas But When Her Sister S Former Fianc Arrives With Questions Of His Own, Country Girl Violet Finds Herself Drawn To Handsome Businessman Landon Derringer And Learns That True Love Requires Faith And A Heart As Big As Texas Very interesting, I love stories about twins.
Enjoyable readThis book ha a lot of hidden surprises It as fun to learn about each character and to see them turn to the Lord to help them throb their trials.
Loved it i have already downloaded the second book in the series and plan to read all six

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