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[Shane O'Shea] â Herbie Archives Volume 3 [banned-books PDF] Read Online » Here S Herbie Dark Horse books Presents The Final Volume In Its Well Received Archival Series Reprinting The Wild, Wacky Adventures Of Herbie Popnecker, Who May Look Like A Plump Lump Of A Kid But Who Possesses Extraordinary Abilities Along With An Amazing Collection Of Supernatural Lollipops Love Starved Ladies, Evil Governments, Monsters From The Depths Of The Sea Nothing Can Stop Him This Surreal, Kooky, Tongue In Cheek Comic Series From The S Has Been An All Ages Cult Favorite For Decades Past, Present, And Future Herbie Is Amazing More vintage Herbie madness In this volume, the series gets somewhat patriotic Herbie makes frequent visits to President Johnson and even chauvinistic there is a somewhat racist story about China though, at the risk of sounding like somewhat of an apologist, even the crudest ethnic stereotype tends to lose its venom when dropped into Herbie s world of absurdism , but apart from that, everything remains at its weird, wonderful status quo stories include Herbie travelling back in time to pay an ancestor s debts and Dracula becoming goodwill ambassador to Earth Herbie s dad is still a tragic nincompoop, Herbie is still all powerful, unflappable and always ready to bop you with this here lollypop A true american original.
This final volume of Herbie comics is as zany and outrageous as the preceding books but I noticed a bit cringe worthy casual 60 s racism this time And Herbie s dad is just the worst parent in the universe which is part of the joke, I know Ogden Whitney s art is still superb and the sheer insanity of most stories is just amazing Dracula getting hooked on pizza I m in.

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