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Trailer Á Heston Blumenthal At Home PDF by Á Heston Blumenthal Until Now, Home Cooking Has Remained Stubbornly Out Of Touch With Technological Development But Heston Blumenthal, Champion Of The Scientific Kitchen, Is Set To Change All That With His Radical New Book With Meticulous Precision, He Explains What The Most Effective Techniques Are And Why They Work Heston S Instructions Are Precise And Easy To Follow, With Lots Of Helpful Tips, And Each Chapter Is Introduced With An Explanation Of Heston S Approach To Stocks Soups Starters Salads Meat Fish Sous Vide Pasta And Grains Cheese Sides And Condiments Ices Desserts And Sweets Biscuits, Snacks And Drinks Recipes Include Green Bean And Radish Salad Prawn Cocktail Roast Chicken Shepherd S Pie Sea Bass With Vanilla Butter Liquorice Poached Salmon Carbonara The Ultimate Cheese Toastie Strawberry Sundae Liquid Centre Chocolate Pudding And Raspberry Sherbert And, Of Course, Heston S Famous Triple Cooked Chips Heston Blumenthal At Home Will Change The Way You Think About Cooking Forever Prepare For A Culinary Revolution I will probably never make half of these recipes and it s the sheer amount of information and knowledge there is inside this book is why I asked for it for my birthday anyway.
A gift book for the wannabe chef and food enthusiast Ingredients and flavours are explained in detail even before the recipes begin Then there are scores of recipes ranging from the flavour filled ordinary to the surprising and exotic Not every recipe has a picture though many do , which could make it hard for a non expert chef to follow Not that you can ever get it to look like the picture anyway Beautiful pix and a range of difficulty on the recipes not everyone could use this at home comfortably on every recipe but he does help you to reimagine techniques and tools and because he is self taught he can explain how he learned that they work.
It s difficult to know where to begin in assessing this book I should firstly and firmly state that although I bought this book new, I did not, and would not have, paid the cover price of 30 I paid 7 I justify and retain my reputation as maintaing a good table by what I cook, and not by the number of currently fashionable authors of volumes in my admittedly large library of cookery books.
There s no doubting that Mr Blumenthal is very astute, and that he s a very capable chef By dazzling his bemused audience with a showmanship rooted in the science behind cookery, he has not only revived interest in the science of Chemistry, but has generated new patterns of foodie talk Rather like wine enthusiasts who have long waxed lyrical, Blumenthal has, in essence, bestowed upon his besotted clique of customers The best cooking book I have read so far Dieses Buch hat es auf Anhieb auf Platz 1 meiner Lieblingskochb cher geschafft und es ist eins der Kochb cher, das wirklich intensiv genutzt und gelesen wird Ich habe bereits mehrere Gerichte aus dem Buch nachgekocht Und bisher war jedes einfach unglaublich lecker Blumenthal hat f r seine 2 Restaurants in England 5 Michelin Sterne und jeder einzelne Stern ist berechtigt Es ist sehr hilfreich, wenn man sich mit Kochen gut auskennt bevor man sich an Blumenthal s Rezepte macht und Utensilien wie Digitalwaage und thermometer m ssen unbedingt vorhanden sein.
Das Buch enth lt neben klassischen Rezepte auch sehr viele ungew hnliche Die Beschreibungen sind sehr genau und detailliert ich hatte anfangs Bedenken bei dem Rezept f r Single Malt Whisky Weingummis, da ja alleine die Hauptzutat schon zu teuer ist um einen Reinfall erleben zu wollen Die Weingummis sind auf Anhieb gel Absolutely lovely cookbook, particularly for culinary nerds who are interested in the gastro sciences A world renowned chef and molecular gastronomist, Blumenthal sometimes describes his kitchen at the Michelin rated restaurant Fat Duck as looking like a laboratory one where temperatures are measured to tenths of a degree, and aromas are cooked up to serve alongside a meal Most of the Fat Duck recipes are not, I would wager, particularly suited for preparation at home In Heston Blumenthal At Home, however, Blumenthal serves up recipes suited to the home kitchen or at least, the home kitchen of a culinary enthusiast who might keep agar agar on hand, and is considering acquiring a sous vide The recipes are undoubtedly fabulous, but the real glory of this I had a friend whose mother was a dental hygienist and yep, she was a floss nazi Floss and toothbrushes for Christmas, mouthwash for birthdays and graduation Now, clearly, dental hygiene is an interesting and varied subject, but it isn t something you would encounter everywhere, right I mean besides the obvious of checking out everyone s smiles.
I guess what I m getting at is that food is everywhere Everyone eats Everyone prepares food for eating well, maybe not Queen Elizabeth but the rest of us do, every day But for someone like Heston Blumenthal, you d think he d just cart home some leftovers from his famous restaurant, The Fat Duck That s what my roommate did when she worked at a pizza place, pizza for breakfast and pizza for dinner.
But I guess when food isn t just a past time, but an all consuming love affair, you might want to relax at home with it.
Hes Hoewel de titel Heston Blumenthal Thuis doet vermoeden dat iedere thuiskok wat met dit boek kan, is dit echt een boek voor de geoefende kok En daarmee wordt ook het enige minpunt van dit boek benoemd De eigenzinnige Blumenthal die in Groot Brittanni op handen wordt gedragen legt op een heldere wijze wat koken als chemisch proces is Garing, textuur, smaken en gereedschap worden zo beschreven dat het je fundamentele kijk op koken verandert en verbetert Hierin is hij schatplichtig aan Harold McGee s Over Eten Koken, maar dan minder wetenschappelijk en ondersteund met prachtig fotowerk De recepten laten, zoals dat moet, ruimte over voor de fantasie Al kan hij het je met sommige ingredi nten wel moeilijk maken Als je een product niet kan vinden, dan mag je zelf een alternatief verzinnen Dat daagt uit Voor wie dit boek n

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