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✓ Read È Hideous by Devon McCormack ✓ As dark as this story was, I really liked it Heck I d even be happy to read a sequel.
Eight Years Ago, Luke Retter Witnessed The Brutal Murder Of His Mother And Sister At The Hands Of His Demon Possessed Father He Survived But Lost A Hand And An Eye The Demon Also Burned Its Emblem Into His Skin, Marking Him As A Cursed Those Who Bear This Mark Are At Risk Of Becoming Possessed Themselves, So They Are Monitored And Enslaved By The State Run UCIS Working As A Slave Is Hard, But Luke Prefers It To The Possibility Of Being Controlled By A Demon One Night, Luke Wakes To Find His Worst Nightmare Coming True His Father S Demon Has Returned In A Panic, He Runs To The Only Person Who Might Be Able To Help Zack, A Cursed Who Ran Away From The State And Created An Underground Community To Protect Other Fugitive Curseds Zack Helps Him Suppress The Demon But The City S Become A Time Bomb, And Luke S Demon Itches To Escape With The UCIS Closing In On Zack S Underground Operation And Luke S Demon Crafting Its Own, Nefarious Plot, Luke Realizes That He Must Take A Standtp Dreamspinnerpress Stor The official blurb gives you a very good outline of the book Here are some of my thoughts Hideous does not sugar coat violence, now, or what happened to Luke and the other curseds he encounters they all have quite horrible and graphic tales and Devon McCormack lets them tell you You also get a feel for the power that feeds the demon The book has a dark tone, it has good world building, a look at what it is like to be an outsider and feel alone What it s also like to have a handicap, and if you judge a book by its cover you can be sorely disappointed It also contains a sweet romance.
The protagonists are good I liked Luke a great deal He is the primary voice throughout the book He s been dealt a rough blow by life yet he is a gentle soul at heart and highly principled He also, understandably, has self image issues I thought Zack was fantastic, he does what he ha Received from NetGalley for review.
I d learned a long time ago that no one comes That I was alone And the darkness was free to do whatever it wanted It s quite possible that I read far too deeply into this book as a great metaphor for social injustices still prevalent in our society, but that is neither here nor there I really enjoyed this book, possible social injustice metaphor and all it was nice to read something that followed through with its fantastic sounding synopsis and delivered a really interesting read I wanted to love it and I did, it sucked me in and kept me wanting , so ten points to Gryffindor or Ravenclaw, or Hufflepuff, or Slytherin, whatever floats your boat, y know for Devon McCormack Hideous tells the story of Luke, lovely, lonely Luke, a cursed, someone who was marked by the demon who possessed his father and slaughtered his family, taking his Received from Harmony Ink PressReceived Via NetGalley.
comEight years ago, Luke witnessed the murder of his mother and sister at the hands of his demon possessed father Enslaved by the state run UCIS Luke has a mediocre life until he meets Zack then his life becomes exciting and dangerous I loved this book It was a page turner indeed First of all when I requested this book from Netgallery I did not know it was a LGBT YA Not that i m saying that s a bad thing the complete opposite actually My only complaint was there was not enough boy on boy action as perverted as that may sound Anyway onto the characters, I had mixed feelings about Luke Of course his life sucked but the poor me attitude got irritating after awhile Also his need to cry at every little thing made me face palm with that said he was a interesting character I also really liked Zack or what what we got t Mr McCormack Clipped seems to find it impossible to disappoint his incursion into the young adult genre is as compelling and powerful as expected And so another page turner is delivered in the form of a paranormal fantasy that must be read in one sitting.
Luke Retter, a cursed who witnessed the terrible murder of his sister and mother in the hands of his possessed father, has survived and carries the consequences in the form of a missing eye and hand and the mark of a cursed The UCIS, a state run organization that monitors and enslaves the cursed, believes that the cursed are at risk of becoming possessed.
The demon that possessed his father is back and has possessed him, and so he turns to Zack, a deviant cursed that created an underground community for runaway curseds.
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Do want Lots and lots Looks right up my alley.
Not exactly my cup of tea.
The premise of an underclass, oppressed essentially enslaved for their own good interested me Add in an underground movement and I was intrigued And while there were these great ideas, they never really coalesced The heavy dependence on religious doctrine to espouse the intolerance for the cursed was a double edged sword that hurt it than helped Yes, there s automatic understanding of the sides relative positions, but because it wasn t expanded upon it felt underdeveloped.
The end well that was like some summer blockbuster action film and didn t work at all There were too many half formed concepts for me to really get into this, which is a shame because I really liked Luke s character Overall, a crude amalgamation of the Salem Witch trials and Bladerunner.
Favorite quote How can we show you we aren t a thr 4.
5 StarsThose who know me well know that I am a big fan of dark stories Sure, I read a lot of romance but my real love falls with books that are a bit on the darker side Hideous is dark There s quite a bit of language and the violence at times is a bit graphic.
With that being said Luke witnessed the murders of his family at the hands of his father who was possessed by a demon Luke may have survived the attack, but he was by no means left unscathed He lost a hand and an eye and was left along with other survivors of these attacks with a mark on his body marking him as cursed Those who are cursed are labeled as dangerous by society, and while they may have some freedoms, they are by no means free They are kept in low paying jobs and treated as the dregs of society It is believed that the mark left on their bodies is a portal of sorts for them to possibly be po

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