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[RaeAnne Thayne] Ø High-Risk Affair (Silhouette Intimate Moments) [threesome PDF] Read Online Ò A great readLots of suspense and very emotional Love MS Thayne s books and this one was no different I couldn t put it down.
Old Story Under New TitleIt is very annoying and costly to find you already own a book under another title I ve seen other authors do this as well I like ReAnne s stories but don t like finding out I ve read it before after purchasing.
After reading so many other books by this author, I knew I was in for a treat when I got this book on my Kindle This story line is emotional, suspenseful and romantic How can that be all in the same book that s because this author is talented FBI Agent Caleb Davis meets Megan Vance when her son turns up missing from his bed Already, you know there is plenty of action in the book I recommend this book for those that like a touch of mystery and a feeling of romance in a book.
AUTUMN CHILL IN UTAH SPRINGSThis was not my favorite Raeanne Thayne book, because it was too centered around a very short time span That being said, it was still an enjoyable read, a little romance, a little suspense.
I m never disappointed when I read one of RaeAnne Thayne stories Another great one

ChallengesI totally enjoyed this book It was a quick read Real good plot, made though reader Theme was great fantastic A FBI agent with a soft spotA very good book It has a good beginning, middle, and a happy ending A small boy and a precious little girl won his heart.
This is one of the best books I have read in the past few months The characters are well written and I couldn t put the book down.
Great story A mother s worst nightmare comes true for Megan when she awakens from a bad dream Out of habit, she decides to check on her sleeping children before attempting to go back to sleep, only to find her 9 year old son missing from his bed She contacts the sheriff and the search is on Local law enforcement officials and a couple of FBI agents try to determine what could have happened to the young boy, Cameron, and figure out where he could be FBI agent Caleb, fresh off of another case involving children that didn t end well and left him injured, vows to find Cameron and have a better ending to this case Worry, stress, tension, fear and , along with a blossoming romance that was totally unexpected by both Megan and Caleb There was a little bit of bad language and a few errors, but I enjoyed the storyline.
I noticed th His Manner Usually Screamed Cold Professional All Business But His Cool Headed Judgment Took A Flying Leap Over His New Assignment, Because All FBI Special Agent Caleb Davis Wanted Was To Fold Megan Vance Into His Arms And Kiss Away The Worry Brimming In Her Stunning Green Eyes When Her Son Went Missing, He Yearned To Protect The Single Mother From Danger And Bring Her Child Home Once He Did This, Maybe He Could Figure Out How To Become A Permanent Part Of Her LifeAs The Clock Ticked Double Time, He Fought Like Hell To Save A Little Boy S Life And Reunite A Family

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