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[T.L. Hendrix] â His Missing Piece Of The Puzzle (Miami Homicide Series Book 4) [library-science PDF] Ebook Epub Download â Everyone Has A Past What Happens When It Catches Up To You Mason Waters Is The Computer Tech For The Miami Homicide Team Simon Saint Baker Is Their Newest Member Mason Is Being Targeted By Someone Who Is Sending Threatening Emails To The Department People Are Dying And They Are Trying To Capture This Suspect Before Lives Are Taken Mason Must Put His Skills To The Test To Stop Another Event From Happening Saint Has To Deal With Someone From His Past As Well He Is Trying To Adjust From Being An Undercover Officer For The CNT To Building A Life With His New Job As A Detective Saint Is Also Determined To Make Mason His The First Time That He Laid Eyes On The Sexy Computer Tech, He Knew That Mason Was The One He Wants To Be That Missing Piece Of The Puzzle To Heal Mason S Heart And Mend His Soul With The Help Of The Homicide Team Family And Nana, Will They Find The Killer Before It S Too Late Will Saint Have The Man Of His Dreams And Be The Missing Piece Of The Puzzle Will Mason Finally Be Able To Feel Complete The world is full of crazyAnd this story gives you glimpses of it I ll never understand how some think violence is the answer, but it s great when love perseveres.

25 StarsI am really loving this series, but the book only get 4.
25 because the mistakes are bad, there are so many words wrong, and to many words in a sentence or not enough As for the story, I love these guys They are girly at times, they are alpha men other times, there are some inconsistencies but I can look past them, eg why would Garrick let his daughter and grandmother visit with Mason at his house when they know someone is trying to kill him Anyway.
How long do I have to wait for the next one and who will it be LovedWow I fell do in love with saint and Mason I loved how intense there connection was It was really beautifulMason and saints journey sent me on a emotional rollercoaster I laughed cried my heart broke in some parts but also got put back together again I loved I wanted to hug these guys so much It was so beautiful to see the rest of the guys from previous books and Nana we could all use a Nana like there Nana in our life s she is loving and caring Thank you tl Hendrix for another amazing story I can t wait to see who s up next

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