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[Katherine Ferrier] ↠´ His Royal Majesty of the Mushrooms (Hotel Strange, #3) [m-m-m-f PDF] Read Online ↠´ A very quirky cast of characters encompasses this book.
What is it like to be king for a day? Find out in this book.
I really liked the look of this book even though it's not anything I haven't seen, but the story seemed nice up until it started to bother me a little.
Maybe it's just me, but it felt racist.
Yep I know it's hard to believe and even the author may not have been aware of it, but there are no "darker" skinned or haired characters in this book, but the ones that are are the cleaning lady and the "monsters" of this story.
The "Crocomites" are basically termites that eat up all the houses and create a mess for everyone.
They are very undesirable creatures according to the characters in the story.
They seem to invade these character's community and make it difficult for them to live happily.
Because of that they must be expelled.
So after they are almost defeated by capturing them into pots they escaped and formed

I've been reading this series since it came out and when I read #4 I realised I had missed #3, so quickly got a copy from the library.
Like all the others the motley crew of strange characters are working in the hotel.
It is now autumn and jam season, while out picking blackberries, Kikki, one of my favourites, finds a crown and sceptre and suddenly is surrounded by mushroom people claiming he is their new king.
Of course, Kikki loves being King, giving orders, being served, etc.
but he soon finds out that Kings have no time to themselves.
An emergency arises and Kikki has to help save the mushroom village.
There is a creepily cute monster at the end.
The story is fun and fantastical and my love for this series comes from the delightful art.
This is a big oversized paperback too which adds to the fun wi Kiki, A Resident Of Hotel Strange, Has Some Good Fortune When He Discovers A Crown In The Woods A Group Of Mushroom People Rush To Call Him Their Ruler, Agreeing To Do His Bidding


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