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[Elizabeth A. Reeves] · How [Not] to Kiss a Beast (Cindy Eller, #3) [zen PDF] Read Online ↠´ Hairy ManAnother well written story with humor and mystery Do not forget the love component.
Timothy is taken by Cindy s father who he manages to escape from He is a protector who does not remember who he is until the end of the book Cindy s father wants to control who his daughter is with but in the end loves conquers all It is interesting that Cindy feels comfortable with the hairy man.
Love it Poor Cindy I m glad this is one of those HFN books, but the cliffhanger.
grrr Ok, if you re reading this review you obviously haven t read this series yet Start at the beginning and work your way through to here The books are great if in need of a copy edit Or you re the author and I can say, love these books, but you need a copy editor Cindy S Ordinary Boyfriend Is Missing And Nobody Seems To Know Where He Has Gone Cindy Is Convinced That Something Horrible Has Happened To Him, But Every Attempt She Has Made To Find Him Magical Or Otherwise Has Offered No ExplanationThen She Learns That Her Mysterious Father Is Behind It AllHow Can She Fight Against Powers She Doesn T Even Understand Especially When Her Own Magic Is Acting Up Worse Than Ever Before And What Will She Do When Enemies Of Her Father Start Coming Out Of The Woodwork That was quite emotional I have to say I figured out the end before reaching the first half of the book, but it was still fabulous I have mixed feelings about Cindy s father It was nice to read about Sumac again, and her sisters The end is what got me all weepy, though.
In Short Cindy is finally finding out who she is and what she is made of while running a deliciously popular bakery alongside friends and family Her amazing boyfriend Timothy has come up missing and she is sure her daddy dearest has something to do with it since he isn t thrilled with her partner selection Meanwhile Jessi has stepped in arranged for Cindy s baking skills to be on full display for The Battling Cupcakes competition television series Cindy has to keep it together on camera and figure out where Timothy is and what her father has to do with it.
Cindy is a great character She is full of life and pretty ambitious but still level headed without being too serious The banter and relationships with her friends and family is both kind and humorous This plot was a bit obvious to me but I still wholly enjoyed the read I felt all warm and fuzzy as her fam This is a cute series to read for just some light reading.
Wish the baked goods were real and the stories had an endingI enjoy the descriptions of the baked goods and Cindy in general but the endings are just tacked on to set up the cliffhanger in the next book I don t want a series of cliffhangers I want a series of stories with a beginning, middle and end I read series books but this is probably the last of this series for me I also knew the obvious answer to the question long before it was revealed Not sure what took her so long.

This was a great book I didnt like it as much as the previous books by this lady, but thats because i am not really into mystery stories per se But i definitely enjoyed this story, especially Cindy s little sis Iris and her pets Again all the descriptive writing is wonderful and makes it so easy to imagine everything as you are reading along I am also going to read the other books about Cindy s sister Goldie because this series is so wonderful and fun Just cant put them down til i am so sleepy i cant read any Where There s A Beast There s A WayThis series must be read in order The first book is How Not To Play With Magic The second book is How Not To Kiss A Toad The third book is How Not To Kiss A Prince This is the fourth book.
This was by far the best book in the series I feel like I live in Cindy s world when I m reading these books They really must be read in order or you would be totally lost This is the one series I thoroughly enjoy personally that I can not wait to share with my children They appeal to all ages and I can not wait for the next installment This series is suitable for mature young adult through adult readers who enjoy modern fantasy with a fractured fairytale vibe and magical mayhem with a dash of romance Fun I knew were he was all along but, it was fun to see the story play out Great read and the characters are vividly fastening I m enjoying this series and recommend the highly.

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