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È Read é How to Be a Happy Warlord by Daniel Rogers í These Are Practical Instructions To Go Into A Specific Rd World Country And Set Yourself As A Successful Warlord Where To Get Weapons How To Build A Local Militia Or Recruit Fighters To In Your Current Country How To Safely Get Into Active Hostile Zones And Become A Force For Change Possibly On A Worldwide Scale If You Feel Tired Of Exerting Yourself All Day So Little Points On Your Bank Account Screen Get Bigger You Ve Realized That You Will Never Get The High Score In This Game So You Have Finally Decided To Stop Playing You Want Your Actions, From Now On, To Have Reactions Then Now, With This Book, You Can Become The Force For Change In Countless Disadvantaged Peoples Lives No ForA Month You Can GiveLittle Girl Water Now ForYou Can Become A Liberator And Give Countless Children A Chance At Life Free From Oppression

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