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[Geoffrey Neil] á Human Resources [polygyny PDF] Ebook Epub Download Á This book is wonderful, especially since I know I ve met Morana somewhere As a former employer, I found the employee behavior and thinking to be a little too realistic There were times when I was rooting for the villain and booing our hero Couldn t put the book down, and I m looking forward to reading anything else Geoffrey Neil writes His books are full of reality and the warped way that people approach life, and yet they are also entertaining, gripping and compelling Don t miss this exciting author s work I was disappointed in this book The prologue was the best part of the book The last few chapters were also good The in between not so much I wanteddetail on how they harvested and how the victim felt during the process It built up to something great then fell flat Sorry, but I won t be buying any books by this author.

It was a struggle to finish this one.
Lonnie is a jerk, Morana is a psychopath, Hugh is a big fellow with a big heart and a small brain.
It is interesting, I suppose, just not my style Nonetheless, I kept going and in the end, there was the expected conclusion I really liked this book I kept thinking about it during times when I wasn t reading it, which I like.
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This was an interesting read with a unique plot This author is very good at building tension I felt nervous with the characters in many scenes I also loved how he wrote in little details that the characters noticed It added to the realism and made me feel like I was there in the story that muchwith the character The writer s style was great He writes without much flourish so the story moves fast but like I said there is also little details added to really flesh out the scenes A great combo of nice bare bones writing with dashes of detail made for a nice fast pace and vivid story.
Like I said, thi The book kept my attention but was a bit freaky and I was scared on the edge of my seat Still think about it and wonder The novel was easy to read and follow The pacing and plot development were consistent and fairly engaging if somewhat mechanical feeling The narrative progress occasionally mires in narrative trivia The novel introduces a whole host of minor characters that in time become somewhat confusing to track major characters receive extensive characterization which sometimes becomes repetitive The novel did containtypographical errors than I would expect in published material, but they were not so extensive as to ruin the reading experience I also understand they have been fixed in later editions.
Spoiler The basic tension of the novel centers around a cabal of ultra wealthy sociopaths who engage in ritual cannibalism on an exclusi I was and am a huge fan of Geoffrey Neil s first book, Dire Means I ve recommended it to friends and family who have all enjoyed it thoroughly Unfortunately, Human Resources was a miss for me While it was an easy, quick read with few lulls in plot, it just didn t do anything substantial to me as a reader I found the plot and characters to be very mundane, predictable and one dimensional, the arc of the story very flat and aimless, and I was disappointed in the direction of the story and its conclusion as well.
Three points that were especially disappointing 1 Character development was very poor Particularly, the antagonist Morana who was a very interesting character introduced in Dire Means, concluded Dire Means with depth, intrigue and potential I was exc Human Resources Has Been Optioned For Film Or TV Adaptation By Mace Neufeld Productions, Producers Of The Omen, The Hunt For Red October, Patriot Games, Invictus And A List Of Other TitlesSome Things Are Much Worse Than Getting Fired A Beautiful Business Consultant Swoops In To Rescue A Struggling Company From Financial Disaster She Cancels Layoffs And Dazzles Everyone With Her Killer Looks And Corporate Savvy Employee, Lonnie Raiford, Becomes Skeptical When He And The Other Staff Notice Unexplainable, Over The Top Attention And Affection She Showers On His Best Friend, Hugh Berish As Curiosity Mounts About The Woman S Intentions, Lonnie Begins A Frantic Investigation That Uncovers Her True Identity And A Secret Bizarre Than Anyone At The Company Had Imagined Nelson Dupar can t believe his good luck Stuck in an elevator with a gorgeous woman, this self confessed slob with a protruding belly strikes up a conversation and gets her telephone number Nelson and Morana Mo Mahker begin a torrid affair and two months later they re on their way to an upscale lodge on a sparsely populated island In the helicopter, Morana puts a fancy dog collar on Nelson s neck which he thinks is some kind of sex toy But once at the lodge, he discovers the horrible truth The collar is a restraint, along with a gag in the mouth and other restraints, while staff members massage his corpulent body and force him to drink beer The scene shifts to Dr Lawrence Pradin who feels haunted by the proce

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