↠´ If I Built a Car ✓ Download by Ö Van Dusen, Chris

↠´ If I Built a Car ✓ Download by Ö Van Dusen, Chris Energetic Verse And Jubilant, Action Packed Artwork Make This Tale Of A Young Inventor S Fantastic Daydream A Joy Ride Publishers WeeklyIf I Built a Car, It D Be Totally New Here Are A Few Of The Things That I D Do Jack Has Designed The Ultimate Fantasy Car Inspired By Zeppelins And Trains, Cadillacs And Old Planes, With Brilliant Colors And Lots Of Shiny Chrome, This Far Out Vision Is Ready To Cruise There S A Fireplace, A Pool, And Even A Snack Bar After A Tour Of The Ritzy Interior, Robert The Robot Starts Up The Motor And Jack And His Dad Set Off On The Wildest Test Drive Ever This review is for the book quality, not the content The story and artwork is excellent The book itself, not so much Not sure if while printing the ink was still wet when they put it together but every page is warped like it got wet I would return it but every year on my sons birthday we write a note in a book and give it to him We neglected to actually look through the pages before writing in it So unfortunately we can t return it.
We are already fans of Chris Van Dusen s writing and illustrations from the McGee series for 2.
5 yrs , our favorite being Down to the sea with Mr McGee This book and its contemporary, the If I built a house, are for slightly older readers than the McGee books I love the retro effect of this book and the way it playfully extracts imagination and the creativity to build, in your child Not to sound gender biased, but this book will especially be a sure hit with cars automobiles crazy boys like my son.
The one thing I would like to point out from the product descriptions is the recommended age range it is incorrect in my opinion as a 3 yr old will not be able to fully appreciate this book 4 yrs is the minimum age for this book and it will be than appropriate till 7 or at a stretch, even till 8 yrs.
4 8 yrs is the correct age range for this book.
As many of you already know, if your kid likes a book, you ll end up reading it together over and over and over again That means it s pretty important that you like it, too It s never fun when you ask your little one to grab a book and he comes back with something you can t stand reading I m therefore very picky about the books I buy.
Chris Van Dusen s If I Built a Car is pure pleasure First of all, it s just a terrific concept a creative young boy describes his dream car The illustrations are lush and vibrant, and the rhyming verse is creative and playful Mr Van Dusen perfectly captures the magic of a child s imagination And while I think you couldn t go wrong getting this book for a boy, I m confident many girls would What a great book May order another one for a gift Fun, full color illustrations with a 50 s Jetson s kind of feel If I Built a House is similar in this aspect There is an odd feel when the kid says his dad s car isn t up to his imaginative ideas the dad s reaction is presented as deadpan and what almost a little defensive But, the dad is included in other pages so that makes up for it, although he s deadpan there, too Sort of the background parent, like in Peanuts, maybe Don t let that stop you, the story imaginative ideas are good and older kids would also probably like this, too.
I purchased this book for my son who both enjoys cars and also likes to think of himself as an inventor.
I m blown away As a primary grade teacher and a gifted education teacher for nearly 15 years I have come across hundreds of books So I know what I m talking about when I say this ranks among one of those books that every classroom and house should have You will enjoy reading this book aloud It s a book to be enjoyed but also can be incorporated within language arts lessons easily If you re looking for a book to trigger creativity and or critical thinking , this book can also help with that I accidentally stumbled upon this book while shopping for something else car related , and am so happy that I did Highly recommend Don t think twice Order this book, you ll be happy you did

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