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☆ Read ☆ Ignite (Parched, #5) by Z.L. Arkadie º Absolutely adored book 5, took me a while as life got in the way lol But now I have to wait til end of the year for book 6.
Once again a cracking read spoiled only by the lack of proof reading All the minor and major story lines have been brought to gether very well in this last instalment.
Really can t wait for book 6.
There S Still No Rest For The Daughters Of The House Of Benel The People Of Moonridge Have Been Attacked By Second Generation Vampires And Find Themselves Stuck In A Strange Coma And Covens Of First Generation Vampires Have Been Wiped Out By Them Too And Now Their Worst Enemy Has Discovered A Way To Cheat Death It Will Take The Big Guns To Stop Whatever Lario Exgesis Is Cooking Up But Can The Sister With The Power Of Matter And Her Vampire Bond Overcome Their Issues To Work With The Others To Rid The World Of Lario S Minions I don t like headlines.
There is good and bad in these books.
some parts make an interesting story, others are just the same old stuff The sisters are so similar that it can become monotonous I think the fact that the author repeats information adds to that.
I really enjoyed this one Very glad to see something happening in the Derek Zill Vayle story I can t wait go see what happens next with the sisters and their bonds I have to say though, I couldn t connect with the newly introduced sister Tabeetha But maybe that was intentional.
at first it took me a second to get back into this series, I had taken such a long break reading it that I had to get back into the story line in the end I was glad I finished it I really do love this series full of romance, action, twists and turns.
WowI could not put the book down I can t wait to start the next book in the series it was left in a cliff hanger.

This series is so addictive.
I really enjoyed the latest installment in this series Ignite did a great job of tying the previous stories together while also letting the character relationships continue to develop and left me wanting There were some editing mistakes in the book but I tried not to let that bother me I can t wait for the next book to come out This is a series of well written, non traditional, love stories with super natural twists.
But don t let that scare you, Z.
Arkadie breaks all the rules and keeps you intrigued all the way through If you don t like Mills Boon or traditional boy meets girlZ.
L Arkadie is the author for you Try the Parched Novels I gauruntee you won t be disappointed

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