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✓ Read ✓ Ill-Equipped for a Life of Sex: A Memoir by Jennifer Lehr ✓ I read this a few years ago and remember it as one of the least pleasurable to read books that I ve ever picked up.
The most memorable moment involves poor bathroom hygiene I still want to vomit every time I think about it.
at first i thought the book would be really interesting a journey through someone s development as a sexual being then it turned into a trashy tell all she gets 2 stars for sheer boldness i was embarassed for her and her husband throughout the book and you have to give her props for not being embarassed to reveal the most intimate details of her life and not just her sexual romantic detailsbut her terrible personality details like her zero qualms about spending her husband s money on things like 500 shoes hard to be sympathetic about someone like that.
Fearlessly Candid And Outrageously Funny, Jennifer Lehr S Ill Equipped For A Life Of Sex Details The Quest To Find True Love And Steamy Sex, All In One Package When Jennifer Lehr Found Herself, At Age Twenty Eight, Falling In Love With A Brilliant, Kind, Supportive Comic Named John, She Breathed A Sigh Of Relief After A Decade Spent In A String Of Destined To Fail Relationships, And Countless Hours Of Therapy Trying To Repair The Damage, Her Mr Right Had Come Along Even Jennifer S Judgmental Grandparents Had No Choice But To Succumb To John S Considerable Charms Happily Ever After Not So Fast True Love, Jennifer Soon Discovers, Doesn T Necessarily Go Hand In Hand With A White Hot Sex Life Just Months Into The Relationship, She Finds Herself Grappling With The Question What Do You Do When You Find The Committed, Loving Partnership You Ve Always Hoped For, But The Sex Is Just So So That Is, When And If It Happens At All Distraught, Yet Dedicated To Making Their Relationship Work, Jennifer And John Embark On Couples Therapy, Twelve Step Meetings, Romantic Getaways, Scheduled Date Nights And Their Gritty Determination Begins To Pay OffLooking Back At Her Life Sexual History, Botched Romances, Neurotic Parents While Tracing Her And John S Bumpy Progress Toward Marriage, What Emerges Is A Provocative, Courageously Honest, Poignant, And Ultimately Cheering Chronicle Of One Woman S Sexual Odyssey Ill Equipped For A Life Of Sex Is The Quintessential Modern Era Love Story Complete With Confused Expectations, Myths Of Romantic Love, And The Overriding Hope That A Successful Relationship Can Be Forged From The Rubble This was an interesting read I was surprised that Jennifer would run to a therapist with her sex problems, but I suppose it s something, some people feel free to do I first, was thinking if you have to go to therapy with a Boyfriend, isn t that a sign, it s time to move on , but then I found out that is her coping method In her writing, I could see that she kept falling into the treads that she eventually discovered she was doing John seemed like a nice guy, but I kept thinking, Some people are just A sexual Not sure if that was really his problem but that was never one of Jennifer s considerations.
This book offers a refresh and unique perspective on sexuality and relationships, including Lehr s own psychological exploration as to why she is attracted to unavailable men A bit of the storyline is repetitive and the English major in me noticed several typos , but overall the book offers great insight into relationships and how one approaches long term fidelity.
This book was a fascinating look in to the life of the author She unabashedly describes aspects of her life sexual, financial, familial and romantic in a language of honestly not normally expressed except perhaps in the communications between best friends They would have to be very close friends to open up this much She discusses a great deal about her use of therapy and what a large role it has played in her life relationships This book was hard to put down I never could tell what she was going to say next Meh Book was alright Best thing about this book is the naked pictures of the author I don t think I ve have seen a better set of boobs in my life, for real yo Perky, nice size and REAL Other than that, book was filled with self loathing, narcissism, and whiney dialogues and therapy sessions.

A no holds bar on her sexual history, her economic dependence on her parents, and her oh so LA therapy sessions Her intensive self reflection is nothing but honest sometimes pathetic, many times sweet and sincere, but always raw.
This is an honest, shamelesss account of a couple s struggling sex life But although I enjoyed its openness on the scarier parts of intimacy, I spent much of this book wanting to strangle the author it s a memoir, so it s all about her I love a good love story I do not, however, revel in reading a love story where the main couple seems devoid of any actual regard for each other This seemed to me to be a history of two people so stubborn as to force a relationship instead of acknowledge their incompatibility Marriage, in my ideal world, is about fulfilling a spouse s need gratefully and unregretfully, while being able to ask the same treatment in return Why 4 stars then Because even though I couldn t stand the author, her husband, or their way of life, it was well written and unabashedly honest about a topic that can be hard t This book is amazing for what it tells everything Seemingly everything about a lot of things most people tell almost nothing about It took a a lot of guts to write it and even to publish it I admire Jennifer and her husband They don t seem afraid to be out there, up close and personal The snapshots of the other people with with the black tape over their eyes make me wonder, because if I knew the person with the black tape, I think I would know that was a picture of the person I knew I would love to sit down and ask Jennifer how publishing this book did or didn t change the relationships in her life I really like this book

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