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[Camille Pagán] Ô Im Fine and Neither Are You [geometry PDF] Read Online ☆ Honesty Is The Best Policy Except Maybe When It Comes To Marriage In This Brilliant Novel About The High Price Of Perfection From Bestselling Author Camille Pag N Wife Mother Breadwinner Penelope Ruiz Kar Is Doing It All And Barely Keeping It Together Meanwhile, Her Best Friend, Jenny Sweet, Appears To Be Sailing Through Life As Close As The Two Women Are, Jenny S Passionate Marriage, Pristine House, And Ultra Polite Child Stand In Stark Contrast To Penelope S Underemployed Husband, Sanjay, Their Unruly Brood, And The Daily Grind She Calls A CareerThen A Shocking Tragedy Reveals That Jenny S Life Is Far From Perfect Reeling, Penelope Vows To Stop Keeping The Peace And Finally Deal With The Issues In Her Relationship So She And Sanjay Agree To A Radical Proposal Both Will Write A List Of Changes They Want Each Other To Make Then Commit To Complete And Total HonestyWhat Seems Like A Smart Idea Quickly Spirals Out Of Control, Revealing New Rifts And Even Deeper Secrets As Penelope Stares Down The Possible Implosion Of Her Marriage, She Must Ask Herself When It Comes To Love, Is Honesty Really The Best Policy A book about nothing specialThis was an overall disappointment It started interesting enough, but the whole story felt like it was leading somewhere and nothing When you read what this book is about it doesn t really say I thought it would be about a murder cover up, an affair, a ghost, what Nothing It s about nothing Pen complains the whole time about her husband and when they talk and is agreeing with her she backtrack and feels bad The story makes you think there something with the coworker Russ, but again nothing This book is best described as opening a big gift with another wrapped box inside, and then another, and another And when you are all excited as to what it can be when you finally get to the last box, it s a fast food gift card.
Audiobook read by Amy McFadden I ve listen to too much of this one I have the kindle ebook sync The last 30% I switched to the written words But by that time I just didn t care Amy s voice was irritating, and annoying This was the first time I ve ever listen to a book by Camille Pagan and was totally turned off by the voice narration Each book I ve read has gradually gone downhill The book I enjoyed best was Woman Last Seen in Her Thirties And honestly I wasn t crazy about the storytelling written words either But the Audiobook was the worse This is my 4th read with Pagan definitely my least favorite.
2 stars at BEST Camille Pagan has written the story of every woman who hides their real feelings and puts on a brave front When asked, how are you , many of us always answer, I m fine simply because we don t want others to know of our insecurities and weaknesses As a woman, we all have our struggles balancing work, kids, relationships and life in general I m Fine and Neither Are You really drives home the meaning behind the grass is always greener on the other side I love Camille Pagan s writing and the way she always brings light to subjects that we sometimes hide.
Love the title The author did a great job of tackling some not so easy subject matter This book revolved around Penelope Penny and her struggles with life She is a very relatable character that as many of us do, probably thinks that life is hard at times She is feeling down and frustrated with her husband and a bit green eyed jealous of her friend Jenny s perfect life.
As life has it, we will find out that Jenny s life was not so perfect and in fact Penny doesn t have it all that bad The author dealt with some very serious issues of society today, being opioid addiction and overdose I am a nurse and believe me, this is an everyday issue that touches on lives than you might think It gives you an insight of what the friends and family have t I never thought I would enjoy a book about death, grief and marriages falling apart and actually making me see life in a meaningful way.
I love how this book was written.
The characters are well developed In fact, some of the characters were really adorable except the main character.
However, I cannot stop missing Jenny the one who is actually not there but the actual story started with her I would like to know about Jenny, the dead best friend of the main character, Penelope I cannot help thinking the book would have been much better with her there A young mother with two small kids A husband with a small, part time freelance job A dead best friend And a marriage that seems like the hardest daily chore to maintain.
I wish we all have a second chance like how it has been written in th 5 I m Fine and Neither Are You by Camille Pag n is a witty, but moving look at what it s like to be a wife and mother while also holding down a full time job.
What it s about Penelope Ruiz Kar is married with 2 little kids and while she is out working 50 hours a week and barely holding it together as the main breadwinner, her husband is at home with the kids, working on his writing, and going to practice with his band Meanwhile, her best friend Jenny Sweet seems like she doesn t have a care in the world She has an amazing marriage, a perfect daughter, and a flourishing blog But that appearance is shattered the day Penelope shows up to Jenny s home after not being able to reach her and finds something that will change her forever In the midst of tragedy, Penelope finds herself rethinking her marriage and her own happiness And like the tagline says, has t A totally realistic and relatable story as women today struggle to reach perfection in their life.
SUMMARYWife Mother Breadwinner Penelope Ruiz Kar is doing it all and barely keeping it together Meanwhile, her best friend, Jenny Sweet, appears to be sailing through life As close as the two women are, Jenny s passionate marriage, pristine house, and ultra polite child stand in stark contrast to Penelope s underemployed husband, Sanjay, their unruly brood, and the daily grind she calls a career.
Then a shocking tragedy reveals that Jenny s life is far from perfect Reeling, Penelope vows to stop keeping the peace and finally deal with the issues in her relationship So she and Sanjay agree to a radical proposal both will write a list of changes they want each other to make then commit to complete and total hones 2 at best I actually just skimmed through to the end of this one I chose this, my mistake, as my First Reads for March I assume I am not the target audience, although I m growing weary of authors writing specifically for a target audience While certainly not every genre is for every person when you start writing specifically for a select group of people something is just off Of course that s also just me being cranky, never the less, it still is a sign of a lack of talent I should be able to pick up a YA novel and enjoy it Sadie or a Sci Fi Genius Plague as much as I as I do a favorite classic or thriller All of which to say, I d rather read Liane Moriarty than a knock off who doesn t quite achieve the mark Ugh.
25 starsI m Fine and Neither Are You is better than 3 stars, but nowhere close to 4 stars I would say this novel falls into the domestic angst genre Penelope hits a crisis point in her life when her best friend dies, and she realizes that she may not want to stay married to the father of her two young demanding children Penelope s feelings are a somewhat typical trope in contemporary domestic fiction The twist if that she is the breadwinner and her husband is at home Also Penelope s husband is a somewhat multidimensional character There were some good scenes and some real emotions in I m Fine and Neither Are You, but it didn t knock my socks off Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for an opportunity to read an advance copy.

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