Download Epub Format à In Destiny's Arms (Futuristic Romance) PDF by ä Christine Michels

Download Epub Format à In Destiny's Arms (Futuristic Romance) PDF by ä Christine Michels On A Desperate Quest To Locate Her Missing Brother, Sergeant Cadence Barrington Crash Landed Miles From Her Destination And Over Years In The Past The Stellar Legionnaire Expected To Find The Remains Of A Lost Civilization On The Colony World Named Fortuna Instead, She Came Across A Hard Bodied Warrior Who Was Anything But An Ancient Ruin Tall, Muscular, And Mysterious, He Was The Most Desirable Specimen Of Manhood Cadence Had Ever Beheld Perfect In Every Way, Except For The Weapon He Was Aiming At Her Trapped In Another Time And Place, Cadence Would Have To Use All Her Training To Find Her Brother And All Her Feminine Wiles To Convince The Virile Stranger That They Belonged Together IN DESTINY S ARMS While on a trip to find her missing brother, the heroine s ship encounters a black hole and crash lands on a foreign plant Not only is her ship destroyed and she herself injured, she has travel back in time to before the people of this plant went extinct She wakes up to the face of a beautiful yet dark man who has been sent to find her As a priest of his people, as well as a warrior, the hero has been sent to find the alien woman who was prophesied to arrive in their time of need This woman was destined to either be a force for good or a force for evil, to save their world or help destroy it Which one she is, he is unclear but will find out one way or another Hard to do when they can t understand one another She speaks with painful blunt sounds that hurt his ears and she ha

I loved this book In Destiny s Arms follows In Fugitive Arms although the two books are only loosely connected so you don t have to have read one to enjoy the other In Destiny s Arms is a darker romance set on an alien world fighting the age old battle of good versus evil And to start with the hero and heroine don t even speak the same language Based on prophecy the hero is expecting two women to arrive on his world one that will try to destroy it, and the other that will be the instrument of their salvation Of course, when Cadence arrives, he doesn t know which of them she is, or even IF she is one of them This leads to some interesting complications.
As always, Christine Michels tells a great story This novel has it all suspenseful plot, alpha hero, smart, tough, independent heroine, and a wonderfully detailed and becau Briefly Good for those that want futuristic sci fi romance but don t want so much science fiction LOL , if you want an HEA, here it comes It reads like light fantasy It s a nice story, nothing supremely original, easy read, absolutely beautiful heroic couple and insurmountable odds to overcome to save the world If that s your thing, get this I enjoyed it mildly, nothing truly detrimental to say about, but nothing outstanding either Enjoy.

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