☆ In Sheep's Clothing Í Download by ☆ Mary Monroe

☆ In Sheep's Clothing Í Download by ☆ Mary Monroe Good book Trudy Gertrude Bell is a trip and so is her friend Unfortunately, it s a close mimick to real life situations.
At age 25, Anita Bell aka Trudy has suffered enough loss and loneliness that could fill three lifetimes Her White mother, a flight attendant, was tragically taken from her in the much publicized airline terrorist attack over Lockerbie, Scotland in 1988 and her older brother was killed in a car accident two years later Largely abandoned by her mother s family because they disapproved of their daughter s choice of a black man for a husband, Trudy and her father were left on their own to grieve and support each other Considered a plain Jane, Trudy has since lived a sheltered, conservative life in South Bay, California clerking in the family business when in between jobs She is engaged to James Long, a hen pecked, chauvinistic, mama s boy who she has dated I loved this book It shows how people fall into a pattern, because that is what is expected Actions have consequences We need to hear the voices in the background and obey.
I felt compelled to finish this book and desperately wanted to like it, but the plot dragged on longer than necessary Several aspects of the novel were disjointed, as some details weren t as well explored as others I was sorely disappointed with the predictable outcome.
This book is the story of a young lady who is hired at a travel agency and has access to her supervisor s company credit cards and uses them to her benefit It shows how a person can really get caught up with money It was okay.

This is a laugh out book that keep the pages turning I was looking forward to a slow pace mood The characters is very well developed along with the scenes that take place I was looking for a not so many happy endings, was looking for some bloodshed for what Trudy aka Ann had done Trudy didn t deserved a happy ending with all the may ham she cause From a reader point of view some jail time would served her right.
Trudy is a lost lady with a plan, it all starts off wrong the day she lets her father take over her life Agreeing to work at his store and gets robbed and vol never to return to that place again That s when a call comes in from a travel agency for hire of course she takes the offer From there everything for Trudy goes bad but by her choices she knew was wrong Stealing from the company come to easy and for Trudy.
Ann is a she devil that makes her way to the top by lieing and Deception, greed and betrayalthe author did a masterful job weaving a story of love, betrayal, deception and greed as well as right vs wrong It shows how greed and dissatisfaction with one s life can lead to deception and betrayal of loved ones I highly recommend this book.
this book is my fav and it s very interesting This book storylines were not consistent and unrealistic I keep wanting to find out how Tracy would get caught with the credit cards From the way she kelp using them it was only a matter of time the law would come knocking at her door.
At Years Old, Trudy Bell Has Never Been Outside Her Home, Never Worked Anywhere Except The Family Store And Never Been With Anyone Other Than James Young, Her Boyfriend For The Past Decade Facing A Future Of Cooking, Cleaning And Unsatisfying Sex, Trudy Decides To Make Some Changes While She Still Can

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